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Welcome to the Offshoring Research Network Belgium


  • 25 Mar. 13: The NEW SURVEY is now launched. This survey focuses on organization capabilities in international sourcing practices. Offshoring has evolved, matured and become a common practice in the industry. It is now time to better understand how firms develop organizational capabilities for these activities to help you to better your expertise in the conduct of these operations. To participate to the survey and benefit from the many advantages dedicated to respondents.

Take the NEW SURVEY on sourcing organization capabilities

As you know, many companies are exploring their sourcing options today as they seek to optimize their organizational structure, cost position, and operations. The aim of this survey is to provide timely, actionable insight into the latest developments in outsourcing and offshoring.

If you are a user of offshore services or interested in this practice, take the survey by clicking below

The Offshoring Research Network (ORN) is an international network of universities, scholars and practitioners devoted to study the globalization of services and more particularly the global sourcing of administrative and technical business functions.

  • We collect data on corporate clients and service providers to track the globalization of services over time

  • We conduct in depth case studies to gain insight into firms' practices and experiences

  • We organize and participate into workshops, trainings and corporate events to build and share knowledge with companies

  • We publish in academic journals and practionners' communities

Visit ORN Project and the other sections in the menu on the left for more information.

Go to ORN survey to take the survey.