27 Jan - 19:00

Business Voice Series: Know the enemy, know yourself

Solvay Brussels School - Economics & Management - Event

The Solvay Business Voice Series welcomes prominent Solvay alumni and successful professionals on campus to share their knowledge and debate topics of interest. An eclectic mix of subjects make up this forum – from Corruption & Compliance, Change Management and Effective Networking, to the Financial CrisisConverting Conflict to Success, and What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur....

The Solvay Business Voice Series is managed by Soha Saati, Corporate Alliance Manager (soha [dot] saati [at] ulb [dot] ac [dot] be) and Sara Luise, Communication & Marketing Officer (sara [dot] luise [at] solvay [dot] edu)

BVS: Know the enemy, know yourself.
“Surviving as a company in an era of hackers, spies and internet fraudsters.” 

by Luc Beirens is Director of Cyber Security Services at Deloitte Belgium

The presentation will give an overview of the latest cyber threats to companies. New trends of today bring new risks : cloud, social media, mobile computing, virtualization. Which are the tools used by the cyber criminals and what impact do they have on your business ? You’ll get to know what hackers mean by DDOS, APT, Malware. How is e-banking targeted ? Learn about it before it hits your company. See how others were victimized and often didn’t act in the right way. How can you reduce the cyber threat risks on your business by being preventive and proactive ?

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