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Exchange students visiting SBS-EM

Welcome on the International Relations pages. These pages have been built in order to answer most of the exchange student's questions, while considering an exchange within our Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. However, should you not find the requested information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to welcoming you in Brussels !

Students' testimonies

"Foreign Exchange - the name itself created a spark in me and finally doing at Solvay School of Business, Brussels was the best choice that I made during my college selection. Its really fantastic, every second that I spent in Solvay Business school, The culture, people at college are fantastic - it feels like am into some new exciting world. Moreover meeting so many people from different countries adds to my experience. Well, If I can cite any best incident then I cannot forget the day of Welcome drink, by the dean and when he raised the toast by asking me how do I say "Cheers" my language i.e. in Hindi:I replied by saying "Masti Maro" :D and then he raised the toast in Hindi by saying Masti Maro - that means in English "have fun" :) It was fantastic being a part of that event. Its quite exciting and challenging at the same time to adapt to the culture, learn and understand new language and cross the hurdles coming through my way. If I have to describe my Exchange programme stint then it would be "Irresistible and Irreplaceable" - one who misses it is missing a hell lot of experience!!!!"

 Prabhat Singh, Management Development Institute Gurgaon, India

"As a business school student, it is very important to gain some kind of international experience since competition today has assumed global proportions. It was with this primary intention of gaining international exposure that I had applied for an exchange term with SBS-EM. The course offering at SBS-EM encompasses a wide range of subjects including general management topics like marketing, finance and also courses specifically relating to the EU and its business environment. Amongst the well-known universities for business and management in Europe, SBS-EM has eminent faculty which ensures a great learning experience. The support rendered by the exchange office makes it very easy to adjust to the academic curriculum. In addition to academics, the exchange term provides for cultural amalgamation in terms of meeting people from different nationalities and languages. ULB has a sprawling campus and is quite interesting to explore. It is well connected to the public transport system and easily accessible even if you don’t manage to find accommodation close to the campus. Visiting different places in Europe was an integral part of my exchange experience, which made for some interesting anecdotes in my travel diaries. An exchange term at SBS-EM is a truly enjoyable experience and I would thoroughly recommend it."

Tara Ravi, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, India

"Ce séjour au sein de la capitale cosmopolite de l’Union-Européenne restera pour moi inoubliable. D’abord cette ville est un passionnant laboratoire culturel par son histoire, son architecture, et ses habitants. Bruxelles est une ville grandiose ! Qui ne resterait pas insensible devant la richesse ornementale de Grand Place, la grandeur du Palais Royal ou même la démesure du Palais de Justice?
Étudier au sein de SBS-EM a été pour moi une expérience enrichissante. Les étudiants se sont révélés sympathiques et les professeurs tout bonnement brillants. J’ai beaucoup apprécié de pouvoir embellir mes connaissances dans cet environnement de renom aussi bien motivant que stimulant. L’école de Solvay mérite amplement sa réputation : une fois l’échange terminé on ne peut en ressortir que grandi.
Tout le monde n’a pas l’opportunité de venir étudier dans une ville aussi rayonnante que Bruxelles. Vous avez cette chance, profitez-en."

Maxime Provencel, Groupe ESC Dijon, France

“I thoroughly enjoyed my year abroad studying at ULB. It was my first international learning experience, so I was a little nervous about how it was going to turn out. [...]The exchange first began in my home country, when I received my information package from the international student department in ULB. [...]These materials that I received from the PI SOCO international student faculty were excellent and provided me with more than sufficient information to be prepared to enter, live and exit Belgium. Once I arrived in Brussels for school, the faculty had an orientation session for all international students. [...] The international organization called Express, which helped make the international experience a memorable part of my life. They provided the international community with opportunities to meet each other and share stories and challenges that we may have been going through with adjusting to life in Brussels.

I really enjoyed my classes for several reasons: the professors were great and provided guidance on projects or questions that I posed and the courses allowed me to take on new roles while working in groups that mimicked roles that I can take on after university. Several of the courses I took allowed me to explore existing theories and develop new ideas and thoughts. The professors pushed each student to perform at their best.

My international experience was great. Yours can be too!”

Kelan Jylha, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

“Coming to Brussels - to the “capital city” of European Union can be a breakthrough for everyone interested in international business. Moreover the reputation of ULB - Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management is one of the best in Europe. The study at SBS gave me a lot of experiences, such as ability of dealing with: financial aspects, finding relevant flat, and keeping up with language barrier. In this specific place, I have met great mixture of nationalities, what made me more open up and familiar with other nations. Furthermore, being here I have improved my English and French, what currently helps me to meet and better communicate with foreign people. High level of education at SBS, as well as professors from all over the world, made classes very exciting but also challenging, thus it encouraged me to put stronger emphasis on theoretical issues. Nevertheless, the great advantage of ULB classes is their content full of practical business cases. [...]Brussels is a life-flourishing city, with many restaurants, cultural places and open-minded people. [...] Coming to ULB was for me a great adventure and true school of life. “

Krzysztof Dziwisz, University of Warsaw, Poland

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