Executive Master in Marketing and Advertising

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Executive Master in Marketing and Advertising


This is a question worth dwelling on. Why revamp and modify a programme that has proved its worth for the past 20 years or more? The answer is straight forward: because you asked us to – you, the marketing and advertising professionals; you, the current and future decision-makers in this complex and ultra-competitive market. It has been all of you who have shown us the path to take!

The site wich you are about visit now is the calling card of an Executive Master course in Marketing & Advertising that is building further on its achievements and making radical innovations. Our new 3-tier structure – “Look”, “Do”&“Use” – places participants at the centre of the learning issues involved. By giving them the keys: first of all to understand their market, then to learnand put into practice the best business techniques. And the final segment, called “Focus”, will accentuate this tailored aspect of the course still further by providing modular sessionsgeared to theactual sectors the participants work in.

And when you immerse yourself in the very heart of the subjects taught, you will see that we are now offering you an exchange with the professionals from GFK and Nielsen, as well as a quantitative and qualitative approach to the market.  

The recently introduced Digital Marketing module is back, while a session featuring local adaptations for international campaigns has been added. To accompany this revamp in methodology and topics, we are joined by numerous new faces. 

This programme has been created in conjunction with the BMMA and the VUB. A partnership brings together the best of both entities. The EMMA represents the calling card and practical expertise of the BMMA, the Belgian Management & Marketing Association, and the academic excellence of the Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management (SBS-EM/ULB) and the VrijeUniversiteitBrussel (VUB).





The Executive Master in Advertising and marketing gives participants and their companies an immediate competitive advantage through the practical application of the concepts studied.

This course aims to enable participants to:

  • equip yourself with a strategic and global vision of marketing
  • acquire cutting-edge techniques immediately applicable to your professional activities
  • position yourself to carry new managerial responsibilities



Because you are at a crossroads in your professional career and want to fulfil your aims. Because you are ready to evolve within your organisation or want to work in a new environment.

The marketing and advertising world moves quickly and never ceases to learn new methods. You, too, can join this perpetual cycle of improvement by enrolling for this demanding course that is recognised for its ability to mix academic knowledge and practical “on-the-job” everyday needs.


  • You are an executive with 3 to 5 years of business experience.
  • You hold a university Master’s degree.
  • You demonstrate perfect knowledge of English and French.

The number of participants is strictly limited to preserve the quality of learning and the interactivity of classes.

Staff teaching the Executive Master in Marketing & Advertising are all characterised by their great expertise. Whether they are academics or from business world, they share their professional experience with participants from all kinds of backgrounds: management, civil engineering, communication, marketing, psychology, economics, agronomy, languages, finance, politics, law, European studies, international relations, and many others 

The teaching panel is broad and diversified, composed of directors of advertising agencies, communications managers from industrial or commercial groups, high level managers, jurists, consultants, and teachers from a range of Belgian and foreign universities. All are experts in their fields.

The discussions and exchanges that students may have with this range of experts constitute the key value of this Executive Master in Marketing & Advertising.

The programme is under the academic responsibility of the Bureau.



In practical terms, candidates for the Executive Master in Marketing & Advertising must meet one of the following conditions:

  • hold a Master’s degree awarded by a Belgian university or college (4 years minimum);


  • hold an equivalent qualification awarded by a foreign university of college on condition that theBoard of the Executive Master in Marketing & Advertising has expressed its agreement; and be able to demonstrate appropriate professional experience of 3 years.

How to lodge your enrolment application?

Enrolment applications must be lodged at the office of the Executive Master in Marketing& Advertising, by 1th October 2014. In order to preserve the high level of teaching and open the way to a quality dialogue, the number of places available is strictly limited.

Awarding the diploma

Being eligible to receive the Executive Master in Marketing & Advertising diploma awarded by the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management depends on the candidate’s active attendanceat the course, an examination of his or her knowledgeand the drafting of a dissertation on a general marketing subject. This written work will be supplemented by an oral presentation before a jury made up in particular of members of the Board. This may take place or be presented in one of the following three languages: French, Dutch orEnglish.

Executive Master in Marketing & Advertising - 2014

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Cédric Morel - Owner & Manager at HomeConcept

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“This programme transformed my professional life! It gave me confidence and was the springboard to my career...”

Tanguy van der Eecken - Entrepreneur et co-créateur de la bière de dégustation, Léopold 7

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« J’ai décidé de suivre cette formation afin de m’aider dans le lancement d’une nouvelle activité professionnelle. Malgré mes atouts et ceux de mon associé, nous étions complètement perdus face aux questions de communication et de stratégie marketing. L’Executive Master in Marketing & Advertising nous a donné la capacité de concevoir notre produit afin de correspondre au mieux à notre cible, de trouver une agence de communication qui réponde à nos attentes et d’associer leurs idées avec notre vision du produit en les confrontant aux principes acquis lors de la formation. »

Executive Master in Marketing & Advertising - Antoine Geerinckx & Nathalie Masset - Alumni

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Antoine Geerinckx et Nathalie Masset ont accepté de nous parler de leur expérience au sein de l'Executive Master in Marketing & Advertising: richesse du contenu, compétitivité amicale, dynamique de groupe,...

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Executive Master in Marketing & Advertising - Frédéric Martins - Alumni

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Frédéric Martins, an Alumni from the Executive Master in Marketing & Advertising, tells us what he learned during his post graduate studies and why he chose Solvay Brussels School.

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Executive Master in Marketing - Philippe Biltiau - Academic Director

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Philippe Biltiau, Academic Director of the Executive Master in Marketing & Advertising, presents an extremely requiring programme guided by high-level faculty & practitian speakers.

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Antoine Cardyn - Account Manager at Microsoft Advertising

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“The EMMA opened me the doors to the world of Marketing and Advertising. Not only do you meet really interesting professors with a great variety of backgrounds but also a lot of professionals that will become precious connections for your future network. I wanted to pump up my resume and work in Marketing. It totally did the trick!” Antoine Cardyn - Account Manager at Microsoft Advertising

Nele Van de Walle, Community Manager, De Persgroep Advertising

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(paru dans le MM260 de juillet/septembre 2010)

Formation suivie: Executive Master in Marketing & Advertising, Solvay Brussels School of Economics andManagement (en collaboration avec la BMMA) (Promotion : 2008)

Pourquoi avez-vous choisi de suivre cette formation ?Après mes études de communication à la KULeuven et une formation complémentaire en économie d’entreprise àl’Ehsal, j’ai commencé à travailler dans le secteur du marketing direct, avant d’être engagée par la régie Internet duPersgroep. J’ai choisi de suivre cette formation pour apprendre à élaborer des plans stratégiques et savoir quels outilspratiques utiliser pour réaliser les objectifs de marketing. Ces connaissances me permettent aujourd’hui d’offrir auxannonceurs des solutions sur mesure et de mieux comprendre le processus d’élaboration d’une stratégie marketing.

Ce qui vous a séduit dans cette formation ?Elle était intensive, mais elle en valait vraiment la peine. Intensive, parce que nous avions, en plus de notretravail ordinaire, six heures de cours par semaines, sans compter les cas à résoudre et la rédaction d’un mémoire.Mais cela en valait la peine, car la formation combinait idéalement théorie et pratique. Les professeurs ChristianBlüemelhuber et Jean-Pierre Aerts ont fait une très forte impression avec leurs exposés sur la façon de construireet de positionner une marque. Les connaissances théoriques que nous avions acquises pendant les cours théoriques ont ensuite été utilisées pour résoudre des cas pratiques. Notre classe se composait de personnes actives dans différents secteurs. Nous résolvions ces cas généralement en groupe, ce qui entraînait des discussions intéressantes.

Quels sont les possibles points à améliorer ?J’ai été pleinement satisfaite de la formation sous tous ses aspects et je recommande vivement le cours à tous ceux qui veulent se familiariser avec la stratégie de marketing. S’il y avait tout de même un point à améliorer, ce serait l’harmonisation des leçons entre elles pour éviter les chevauchements.

Quelle a été l’influence de cette formation sur votre travail ?Après la formation, j’ai décidé de changer de département et de passer au Community, la cellule créative et plurimédia dePersgroep Advertising. Les connaissances acquises durant ma formation en marketing me permettent de mieux comprendre la problématique des annonceurs et de répondre plus adéquatement à leurs demandes.