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The Solvay Summer School was created in 2007. Our committee provides you each year with a topic that revolves around the european economic actuality. Below you can find the previous topics: 

  • 2007 : "Economic and business challenges in Europe"
  • 2008 : "Integration in Europe"
  • 2009 : "Innovation in Europe"
  • 2010 : "Entrepreneurship"
  • 2011 : "Growth strategy in Europe"
  • 2012 : "The impact of globalization on organizations"
  • 2013 : "European Business Challenges"
  • 2014 : "European Business Challenges"
  • 2015 : "European Business Challenges"
  • 2016 : "European Business Challenges"
  • 2017 : "European Business Challenges"
  • 2018 : "European Business Challenges"

Terms of use


Before registering for the Solvay Summer School, you must read the rules below (hereinafter called the “Official Rules”). By completing the application form, you accept the conditions of the Official Rules in their entirety. Furthermore, you accept that any decision of the Solvay Summer School staff concerning the Solvay Summer School shall be definitive.


  1. The Solvay Summer School is a Summer School organized by Solvay students.
  2. The purpose of the Solvay Summer School is to equip students with the state-of-the-art knowledge and tools to tackle challenges within a European framework. Ten different courses are organized around a yearly theme.
  3. The Seminar is based on economic courses where the participants evolve within a defined educational environment. The study and attentiveness made by the students will affect their level of success.
  4. The Solvay Summer School will develop in eight stages: Stage 1: Registration; Stage 2: Participant selection; Stage 3: Welcome Dinner; Stage 4: Cultural weekend visits (Package Explorer only); Stage 5: Courses from Monday to Thursday; Stage 6: One exam on Friday ; Stage 7: Graduation (students who passed the test); Stage 8:Goodbye Dinner.
  5. The Solvay Summer School will begin on the 16th of August 2019 and end on the 25th of August 2019.
  6. The final results will be announced at the Solvay Summer School itself after the exam has been corrected.


  1. Only individuals who are either:
    1. officially enrolled in a School or a university of higher education
    2. writing their thesis or doing the equivalent in order to obtain their diploma
    3. who have had an economic or business graduate and wish to follow our seminar
  1. Participation in the Solvay Summer School is subject to online electronic acceptance of the Official Rules and of the documentation concerning the assignment of the intellectual property and image rights.
  1. A financial contribution depending on the chosen package is required. Package Explorer includes Accommodation, Courses and material, Breakfast, lunch and dinner, numerous cultural activities. Please note Travel (except for program organized) and personal expenses are not included. Package Wanderer includes Courses and material, Breakfast, lunch and dinner, numerous cultural activities. Package Essentialist includes Courses and material, Breakfast and lunchbreakfast and lunch. Please note that, unlike the packages Explorer and Wanderer, the package Essentialist does not include evening dinners.


  1. The Students can change any of the details used during their registration, and this until the date of the event. In such an event, Students are expected to contact the Solvay Summer School team through summerschool [at] solvay [dot] edu email address.
  2. The Participant must use the official registration form available on the official Solvay Summer School website.
  3. It is imperative that every field be completed with valid answers. Incomplete application forms will not be considered as eligible. The Solvay Summer School team retains the right to retract a candidate if the information given in the abovementioned Application Form is incorrect or invalid.
  4. At the time of Application, the Participant will be requested to accept the Official Rules. Failure to do so will make submitting the Application Form impossible. Acceptance of the Official Rules is done in the name of the Applicant.
  5. The Applicant must provide a valid personal e-mail address.
  6. The Solvay Summer School reserves the right to verify the validity of the information provided by the Applicant at the time of the application, at any time during the Solvay Summer School, and if deemed necessary, to request copies of the identity cards and/or student cards of the School or university mentioned by the Participant.
  7. Students must register under the first name and surname appearing on their passport/identity card.
  1. An amount of €50 is non-refundable. If you cancel your participation at least 35 days before the start of the programme, you will be fully refunded except for the registration fee (50 Euros).Cancellations made at least 25 days before the programme starts will receive a 50% refund.



  1. At its sole discretion, the Solvay Summer School may exclude or ban an Individual from participating if the Individual does not comply with the Official Rules or acts in an unfair or disruptive way.
  2. The Courses and its associated documentation are copyrighted. All adaptation, reproduction or representation without the Solvay Summer School’s approval is considered a forgery punished by the law.
  3. The Participants shall have no recourse against the disqualification decisions.
  4. The Solvay Summer School has the right to disqualify and sue any participant who might try to destroy, disturb, damage or affect the proper functioning of the Solvay Summer School. 

Personal information

  1. According to the “Informatique et Libertés” Law of 4 January 1978, any Student can exercise his/her right of access to, amendment of, or suppression of his personal data.


  1. All the times and dates published by the Solvay Summer School are in local Belgian time.
  2. In the event that the administration, the security or the proper functioning of the Solvay Summer School is put to question, The Solvay Summer School reserves the right to shorten, modify or cancel the Solvay Summer School. In this event, the participants will not be able to claim any loss against it.
  3. The Solvay Summer School, its concept, its content, its appearance, its logo, any other graphic element and its organization are and shall remain the sole property of the Solvay Summer School.
  4. The Solvay Summer School is not responsible for the incorrect functioning of the site, for incorrect e-mail addresses related to the Solvay Summer School or for connection problems.
  5. The Participant shall not be reimbursed for the fees, equipment or resources used during their participation in the Solvay Summer School.
  6. By agreeing to these terms of use, Students give the Solvay Summer School the right to take photographs and make short-movies in which they appear, and to use these for an unlimited amount of time.