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General information

Which are the teaching methods?

Teaching at ULB is based on a credit system, called ECTS (European Credits Transfer System). Most of our courses do count 5 ECTS credits. 

Courses are categorized into teaching hours (labeled in the programme as Th. for “théorie”), seminars (Sém.), exercises (Ex.) and practicals (T.P. for “travaux pratiques”).

Which are the courses choice's rules?

As exchange student, you are requested to register to minimum one course and maximum 30 ECTS credits per semester. The exact number of courses or ECTS credits you will have to totalize during your exchange period has to be determined by your home institution.

Each exchange takes place in the scope of an agreement between the home institution and the SBS-EM. If you are authorized to select courses from the other departments, you nevertheless have to choose at least 60% of your courses in the SBS-EM programme.

You are requested to take all the exams you have registered to.

How to build my provisional courses choice?

  • Check the programmes which are open to you;

  • Check the courses catalogue;

  • Get your courses choice approved by your home coordinator. If necessary provide the courses descriptions or the table of content and the number of ECTS credits;

  • Contact your ULB academic coordinator for approval.

How to register to courses?

Prior your arrival, fill in the online courses registration form. This will be sent by email in due course. 

Please note: by validating the courses registration form, you also register to the exams (first session).


Courses list

You will find a list of courses open to our exchange students (2017-2018) on our academic coordinator web site:  (click on courses file)

Please note that 2018-2019 courses list will be available during the Summer. 



Exchange students are requested to take their exams during the official exams periods and under the same conditions as the local students. When submitting their courses registration form, exchange students are automatically registered to the corresponding exams during the firs session.

The resit period takes place from mid-August to beginning of September. Retaking exams is gratis and not mandatory for the exchange students. The latter are simply offered the opportunity to improve their grades, but only for failed exams. Please note that grades obtained for the resit exams will replace the 1st ones, even if the latter were higher.

Your exams grades will be available on-line as soon as they will have been communicated by the professors.
After the end of your exchange period, your official transcript of records will be sent electronically to you home coordinator (you will be copied).


General rules

  • Students must make sure to have hand in all documents necessary for their registration and paid their insurance fee.
  • Students have to take a minimum of one course, a maximum of 30 ECTS credits and at least 60% of their credits in the field of study they are registered in.
  • Students must abide the local rules of their host faculty.
  • Students have to take their exams during the official exams periods and under the same conditions as the local students.
  • Should a student wish to extend his/her stay in ULB, her/his home coordinator should formally request it.
  • Erasmus students must provide us a copy of their definitive learning agreement within one month upon arrival. 30 days of arrival.