Solvay Executive MBA

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Solvay Executive MBA


The newly revamped Solvay Executive MBA provides you with just the right foundation to propel you boldly into a new future. Choose Solvay, and start leading the transformation for you and your business now.

Whether you're looking for a career change or a career boost, our Executive MBA program is among the very best in Europe.

Innovation and entrepreneurship

Solvay labs enable you to explore and experiment with the latest business concepts alongside expert faculty and like-minded peers. You'll get the chance not just to learn about innovation and entrepreneurship, but also to live it.

Strength in diversity

High-achievers from around the world choose Solvay because of our diverse, international community. You'll thrive with the support, network and opportunity that our students, faculty and alumni offer.

Unparalleled access to business and government

We offer unparalleled access to business and government in the capital of Europe. You'll learn from experts across industries and at the highest level of government in the classroom, throughout Brussels and indeed the world.

Academic excellence

Our faculty members influence business in almost every sector in Europe. They teach a transformative and ever-evolving curriculum that develops leaders poised to create opportunity in any environment.



Our MBA starts each year in October. You can complete the program in one or two years depending on your schedule and objectives. Course times and dates are designed in such a way that they accommodate busy professionals.

Get ready for experience-based learning that will transform the way you reason, problemsolve and conceive of yourself, others and the world around you.

Our faculty will challenge you to think creatively and critically about how to design new businesses – or improve existing ones – and in the process, help make the world a better place.

We’ll study the latest theory in-depth, but focus on practice and real-world applications to get you ready for career success. In Solvay Labs, you’ll work on a thrilling personal project where you develop an innovative new business or help top companies enhance theirs.

Be prepared for robust exchanges about your ideas and solutions in an environment designed to bring out the very best in you. You’ll emerge from your Solvay experience transformed with the acumen and attitude to lead anywhere, anytime.


  • Experience-based learning that reflects the needs of today’s business world.
  • Practical real-world applications that you can leverage immediately in the workplace.
  • Personal project that showcases your talent and abilities for employers and investors.
  • Ability to tailor your Executive MBA to your specific interests and needs.



Your peers are just as integral to your learning experience as the faculty. At Solvay, you’ll learn alongside talented business leaders who represent diverse functions, industries and geographies. Classes will reflect a stimulating mix of backgrounds, cultures, career interests and management roles. As a result, you’ll gain a broader perspective on everyday business challenges, as well as a wider network of executives around the world.


Average age: 33 years

Average work experience: 8 years

Average class size: 25-30 students

International: 87%

Women: 35%


Our Executive MBA is based on a strong foundation of core courses combined with Solvay Labs and the Career Advancement Program (CAP).


We begin your transformation by building within you a strong core of knowledge in five key areas. Core courses are mandatory to earn your degree.


Test the theories you learn and ideas that pop during class in the real world with Solvay Labs. You’ll work closely with faculty to develop a thrilling personal project where you test an innovative new business or help top companies enhance theirs.

Labs embrace experiential learning, enabling you to turn a company into your classroom and the world into your campus. It’s hands-on, full-on learning to launch you boldly into a new future.

Consulting Lab (C-Lab)

Help a company tackle a crucial business challenge in areas ranging from capital financing and product launch to supply chain management.

Entrepreneur Lab (E-Lab)

You’ve got a bright idea for a business, now put it to test with the support of faculty, your peers, alumni and the full weight of the Solvay Brussels School.

Research Lab (R-Lab)

Take the time to explore a new area of business from all sides with the Research Lab.

Global Lab (G-Lab)

Discover the broader world through campus labs outside Europe.

Traineeship Lab (T-Lab)

Apply your talent in the industry or in the company you are targeting for your post-MBA career, and make your professional project real and successful.


  • Business angel groups
  • Personalized counsel from leading entrepreneurs
  • Insiders at banks and major financial institutions
  • Top notch, directly applicable knowledge in Entrepreneurship


3. CAP

The Career Advancement Program (CAP) gives you the tools and insights to launch yourself into a bold new future. You dream it, we give you the resolve and resources to go out into the world and do it. Our faculty and expert coaches offer group seminars and personalized counsel to help you realize your best, most authentic self on your MBA journey. Together, we prepare you for a lifetime of achievement.

Personal coaching

Our team of executive coaches will personally guide you, offering the insights and professional networks you need for post-MBA success. Our coaches come from various industries and backgrounds, reflecting the diversity of our community.

Company Traineeship

Leverage on the CAP to identify the best traineeship opportunity for you, in the right company and at the right position, that will realize your full potential and pave the way to your professional success.

Class network

Your fellow classmates will be one of the most valuable resources you gain from your MBA. Friendships and relationships that begin on campus will continue through life, enriching your personal life and career in unforeseen ways.

Alumni network

Your degree offers access to an exclusive group of 22,000 alumni around the world. Our alumni are among the best and brightest in business, and can contribute in critical ways to your success.


  • Career counseling including job search strategies and interview preparation.
  • Access to a global alumni network of 22,000 professionals.
  • Access to member-restricted job boards.
  • Professional development workshops, expert panels and networking opportunities.
  • Lifetime career resources and counseling.


Our faculty is best in class. Not only do they come from leading business schools and universities from around the world, but they also offer you real-world business experience that counts. Their corporate positions, board memberships, and consulting arrangements bring a whole new perspective to the classroom.


AERTS Jean-Pierre, MBA Cornell University (NY State USA), degrees in Law (ULg BE), Business Administration (UCL BE)

BELLEMANS Jean, MBA Harvard Business School (USA) Consultant and University Professor BIGER Nahum, Ph.D. Finance and Economics, Financial Economics. Carmel Academic Center School of Business - Israel (Israel)

BOZKAYA Ant, PhD in Economics and Management Sciences, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management - ULB (BE), Doctoral and post-doctoral dissertation research in Economics, Harvard University. Research Fellow, Lecturer on Global Entrepreneurship and Global Economics and Management, MIT Sloan School of Management and Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

CHAMBERS Stuart, Global Operations Management. Warwick Business School, University of Warwick – UK (UK)

CORDOSO DO AMARAL Paulo, MsC and PhD in Information Systems, University of Paris, MBA in International Business, Portuguese Catholic University

COSTA Luís Almeida, PhD and MSc degrees in Management INSEAD, Licenciatura in Economics, Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, Associate Professor at Nova School of Business and Economics

DIANA Giuseppe, Ph.D. in Economics, Professor at Université de Strasbourg (FR)

GASSNER Marjorie, Ph.D., Université Libre de Bruxelles (BE), Professor, Université Libre de Bruxelles (BE)

GEORGE Martine, Ph.D., Université Libre de Bruxelles (BE), IMD Business School (CH), Talent Development Director and Coach in various companies and business schools, Professor of Management Practice, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Université Libre de Bruxelles (BE)

HAHN Alexander, Expertise in Advanced Marketing and Brand Strategy. He combines scientific knowledge and publications in his field with consulting experience for major multinational companies in Europe

JELASSI Tawfik, Ph.D. Strategies for e-Business; Information Technology; Innovation Management. MBA Honorary Dean at the École des Ponts Business School (France/Tunisia)

KRICKX Guido, Ph.D. University of California UCLA (USA) Professor, California State University Hayward (USA)

MARX Bob, Ph.D. Leadership; Team Building. Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts – USA (USA)

MATHIEU Azèle, PhD in Economics and Management Centre Emile Bernheim, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Manager Brussels Life Tech Cluster - Brussels Enterprise Agency (BE)

MÉON Pierre-Guillaume, PhD in Economics, Robert Schuman University (FR) Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Strasbourg, (Economics and finance section) (FR)

MICHEL Pierre, Ph.D., New York University (USA) Professor, Université de Liège (BE)

RODRIGUEZ Antonio, MBA, London Business School (UK) Head of Post Merger Integration, Fortis (BE)

PIROTTE Hugues, Ph.D., University of Lausanne (Switzerland) Professor, Solvay Brussels School (BE)

ROTHENBERGER Sandra, HEC Lausanne, Innsbruck University School of Management. Chair of the Strategic Marketing, Management and Innovation Department at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management, Belgium. Business and industry experience as well as supervisory board activities in the areas of Strategic Pricing and Consumer Behavior, in European multinational corporations

SCHMIT Matthias, Professor of Finance, Université Libre de Bruxelles (BE), Member of Centre Emile Bernheim (CEB)

SMITH Christopher, Ph.D. Understanding organisations, Adelaide Graduate School of Business, The University of Adelaide-Australia (Australia)

SPINDLER Daniel, MBA, Columbia University (USA) Partner, Spindler & Associates (BE)

POTTELSBERGHE Bruno, Professor, Université Libre de Bruxelles (BE), Advisor to the President and Rector of ULB, Centre Emile Bernheim member (CEB)

VERARDI Vincenzo, PhD in Economics, Université Libre de Bruxelles (BE)

WATTENBERGH Bruno, Harvard Business School (USA), Professor of Entrepreneurship and Enterprise at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (BE)

WITZTUM Amos, Ph.D. London School of Economics (UK) Senior Lecturer, London Guildhall and London School of Economics (UK)


Here are the key requirements you’ll need to satisfy to be selected for the programme:

  • Minimum three years of significant work experience
  • Outstanding academic record
  • English proficiency certificate from TOEFL, TOEIC or Solvay test
  • Scores from GMAT, GRE or Solvay test


After reviewing your application, you will be invited for an interview which can take place in-person or online. This interveiw will be organized at the same time as your admission tests,.

Rolling admission

Since admission is rolling, you can apply anytime until mid-September 2016. Visit us online to get started with your application!

Apply early

Enrollment is limited so it’s important to apply early, especially if you are a non-EU citizen and require a visa.



Diane Lejeune, MBA Alumnus 2014- Global Marketing Director & lead of Commercial Innovation Project GSK

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"Starting an MBA should be seen as starting a new adventure: it requires long-lasting motivation and commitment, from yourself and your family (and potentially your employer). But you'll get much more than a degree: beyond the new technical skills you'll gain, you'll learn so much about yourself, the others, but also about the work environment and the part you want to play in it. You'll grow as a different professional, energized by your own potential!"

Antonio Dai Pra, MBA Alumnus 2015, Co-founder and Partner at Community Public Affairs

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I was inspired to get my MBA because I had just invested in a start-up public affairs consultancy with other investors in Brussels. Solvay [Labs] enabled me to develop a toolbox of skills to grow the business.


Antoine Gastineau, MBA Alumnus 2015, Marketing and Sales Manager at ABB

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Since I am trained as an industrial engineer, my dream to take a management position at ABB seemed far off. Thanks to the MBA program at Solvay, I gained the skills and insights I needed to lead and today I’m managing seven people, even if I’m the youngest person on the team.

Roel Sterken, 2015 Alumnus, Project Development Manager at DROIA

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Our class year had 27 VERY ambitious and super diverse men and women, who cover 16 countries and 5 continents. The oldest person in our class could be the father of the youngest. We have managers of all sorts, entrepreneurs, corporate directors, diplomats, lawyers, and even a few scientists.