And The Winner is.....

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The 3rd Philippe de Woot Inter-University Award, 2014,  rewarding Master theses in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), was presented on 18 February at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, went to Ms Sylvia Feilhauer, from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Mrs Feilhauer’s Management  Master thesis on “The product carbon footprint: Advantages of the supply chain and Conditions necessary for sharing information”, was unanimously selected by the international jury, meeting the criteria of the double filter of the academic jury for the first selection, and then the ‘stakeholder’ jury, made up civil society and company leaders. 

For the first time in the history of the Prix Inter-Universitaire Philippe de Woot, the thesis evaluated represented every continent, each graduate student having presented a piece of advanced research concerning corporate social responsibility. 

The winner was awarded a prize to the value of the equivalent of €3,000, €1,500 of which will go to an environmental or social project. She has selected to contribute to the construction of a school project in India.  

The guest of honour for this ceremony was Bertrand Piccard, chairman and founder of the Solar Impulse project. He was accompanied by other Belgian notables and key foreign figures, including: Philippe de Woot, writer and professor emeritus of the Louvain Catholic University, Bruno Van Pottelsberghe, Dean od the SBS-EM and a large number of managers of SMEs and multinationals. The speakers addressed an audience of over 750.  

To coincide with the award ceremony, a seminar was organised for a large number of academics and business managers, also attended by researchers and practitioners, on issues associated with CSR. Notable attendees were: Bobby Banerjee (Cass Business School), Marie d’Huart and Serge De Backer (CAP Conseil), Laszlo Zsolnai (Corvinus University), Bruno Roche (Mars, Catalyst), Jean-Pascal Gond (Cass Business School) and Stefan Crets from CSR Europe. This took place before the award ceremony.