Ariane Szafarz co-winner of the 2014 European Microcredit Research Award

Solvay Brussels School - Economics & Management - News

Anastasia Cozarenco (Aix-Marseille School of Economics) and Ariane Szafarz (ULB, Centre Emile Bernheim and CERMi) are the winners of the 2014 European Microcredit Research Award co-sponsored by the European Microfinance Network and the Hague University of Applied Sciences.

The award was granted for the innovative scientific work presented in the paper "Microcredit in Developed Countries: Unexpected Consequences of Loan Ceilings." This paper develops the first theoretical model specific to microfinance in developed countries, and participates in the conversation on the nascent regulation of this young industry. The research has been carried out in the framework of an "Interuniversity Attraction Pole" on social enterprise, funded by the Belgian Science Policy Office.