Ariane SZAFARZ, Simon CORNEE and Panu KALMI have been awarded the Warren Samuels Prize

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Simon CORNEE (University of Rennes 1, France, and CERMi), Panu KALMI (University of Vaasa, Finland), and Ariane SZAFARZ (ULB, SBS-EM, CEB and CERMi, Belgium) are the recipients of the 2016 WARREN SAMUELS PRIZE for their paper:

"Selectivity and Transparency in Social Banking: Evidence from Europe"

presented et the ALLIED SOCIAL SCIENCE ASSOCIATIONS (ASSA) meetings in San Francisco (January 2016).

The Warren Samuels Prize is awarded by the Association for Social Economics to a paper, presented at the ASSA meetings, that best exemplifies scholarly work that is of high quality, is important to the project of social economics, and has broad appeal across disciplines.

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