Lucy Van Hove received the William H. Newman Award

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Lucy Van Hove received the William H. Newman Award for Best Paper based on a Dissertation at the 2015 Academy of Management Meeting

Lucy Van Hove is Lecturer and Researcher in Human Resources and Leadership at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Centre Emile Bernheim, ULB.

Her paper “Does Executive Coaching Really Develop Management Skills? An experimental field study among executives” has been nominated by her Division, Management Education and Development (MED), for the Award, and designated by the Scientific Committee as Finalist for the Newman Award. This award recognizes the best annual meeting paper based on a recent dissertation.

Her paper was based on her PhD dissertation “The impact and key success factors in executive coaching. A longitudinal field study among executives” defended in April 2014 and funded by the Bernheim Foundation.

The annual Academy of Management Conference is the worldwide leading scientific meeting in management sciences. It typically gathers over 10,000 participants from all continents. This year, the meeting has taken place in Vancouver (Canada)

Congratulations to the ULB researcher for this remarkable achievement!