Partnership agreement between Unicef-Burundi and ULB through SBS-EM

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ULB and Unicef-Burundi have just signed a partnership agreement for 3 years to conduct research and evaluation of policies improving the lives of poverty-stricken households in Burundi. The partnership will allow senior and junior researchers at ULB to cooperate with Unicef staff on specific projects implemented by Unicef in Burundi.

Analysis will be conducted on education policies, acces to schooling and drop out as well as the quality of education. New data will be collected on nutrition, health and the situation of youth and children in Burundi. A multiple-purpose project, combining the promotion of renewable energy through social entrepreneurship with health and education concerns will be evaluated.

Promotor of the partnership at ULB is Prof.Philip Verwimp, holder of the Marie and Alain Philippson Chair in Sustainable Human Development.