SBS-EM research tagged "best paper" at the 2011 Academy of Management Meeting

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The Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management which will take place this year in San Antonio, Texas, in August calls for businesses, managers and scholars from around the world to become enlightened about global diversity, balancing differences and transcending divides.

Every year, the Academy publishes a compendium of the top 10% best papers submitted for the conference. Some 7000 researchers from all over the world take part in this event.

PhD student in Management Aicha Serghini-Idrissi and Professor Patricia Garcia-Prieto have had their research selected by the Academy of Management to be one of those "best paper". "This selection gives the School, and more particularly the Centre Emile Bernheim to which Professor Patricia Garcia-Prieto and myself belong, an international visibility" commented Aicha Serghini-Idrissi.

The paper selected is entitled: "Leading Academic performance (LAP): the Role of social identity performance for female academics". It will be presented in the "gender diversity & organisations" chapter of the conference. The abstract reads: "In Europe, expectations of Leading Academic Performance (LAP) are changing. The paper focuses on the implications for female academics. Integrating concepts from social identity theory of leadership, prototypicality, and social identity performance we describe how performance evaluations of academics can be affected by gender social identity and be biased against female faculty. We then illustrate how women academics may perform their academic and/or female social identity in order to be considered as leading academic performers."
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Reference: Serghini-Idrissi A & Garcia-Prieto P, Leading Academic performance (LAP): the Role of social identity performance for female academics, Academy of Management Proceedings 2011.