Solvay Brussels School becomes outreach partner of TEDx Brussels 2012

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For the second year, Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management & TEDx Brussels renew their partnership.

TEDx Brussels is an event which is part of the global TEDx conversation and has the biggest live audience in the TEDx family. TEDx Brussels 2012 -entitled BANG BANG- will be a great day with over 1,800 participants and many high-profile speakers. It will take place on Monday, 12th November 2012.

BANG BANG is codename for Bits, Atoms, Neurons, Genes: "The digital world and the real world are interconnected like never before. You can send off online for a personal genome readout and control physical objects with your mind. Computer thinking is driving medicine, music and play. With brain-computer interfaces now used in nuclear power stations and bio hackers doing lab biology in their garages, BANG BANG is a concept whose time has come. BANG BANG means the evolving mesh of ideas and practices, a rich mix of citizens, scientists and culture. TEDxBrussels’ place in the centre of Europe leads to some startling connections and we have an amazingly diverse audience – it's a powerful mix."

As partners of this great event (which is almost sold-out), Solvay Brussels School will give away 1 ticket in a raffle.

All you have to do is send us your name, address, profession & company (facultative) before the 3rd of November 2012 at tedxcontest [at] solvay [dot] edu

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