[UPDATE] Prof.Philip Verwimp (M.& A. Philippson Chair in Sustainable Human Development) contributes to African Human Development Report 2012

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The UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) recently published its African Human Development Report 2012. Professor Philip Verwimp, holder of the Marie and Alain Philippson Chair in Sustainable Human Development, has contributed to this new report which details the state of food security and nutrition  in Africa.

Prof. Verwimp contributed with "2 background papers on the effect of armed conflict on food insecurity and undernutrition. These papers demonstrate that armed conflict has negative effects on an entire population, regardless of age and gender, in contrast with the more commonly studied economic shocks which primarily affect the vulnerable part of the population, in particular young girls in poor families. This difference is due to the sudden onset of violent conflict, whereby parents have no time and no resources to discriminate between children. Often the whole household is displaced.

"An economic shock, such as a drought is usually many months in the making" continues Philip Verwimp "allowing parents to channel scarce resources to some children more than to others." M.Verwimp argues that the effect of violent conflict on food security can best be understood by analysing "how conflict affects the command over food of the average farm household. This occurs via its effect on the income sources of the farm household in combination with its effect on the local food chain and the political system. Policy makers should focus on vulnerability to food deprivation during conflict, on the long-term consequences of conflict for human development and on innovative insurance mechanisms to maintain adequate levels of food intake and to prevent violent conflict."


Download the report at www.afhdr.org/en/

More research results are available at the website of the Households in Conflict Network: www.hicn.org