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Soha Saati 
Corporate Alliance Manager 
Tel.: +32 2 650 41 67 
soha [dot] saati [at] solvay [dot] edu (Send email )

Long-term growth, knowledge generation and sustainability are at the core of our operations. At Solvay, we actively pursue industry partnerships to facilitate mutually beneficial opportunities for the school, our students and for business.

Owing to the ambitious efforts of the Corporate Alliances and Career Services office, our industry presence has experienced considerable growth in only three years. With three levels of exclusive services available- Gold and Platinum talent in addition to a customized knowledge partnership, our hope is that we can offer you an advantageous collaboration and the best experience possible from Solvay. 



Gold Talent Partner

"Providing exclusive services to reach and attract students, with quality ensured by Solvay’’

  • Exclusive communication platforms
  • Access to our recruitment platform
  • Stand & company presentation at job fair 
  • Two credited internships (see here for more information about our Credited Internship  Program)





Platinum Talent Partner

"Customized partnerships leveraging the support and Solvay’s considerable experience with student recruitment’’

  • Customized recruiting strategy
  • Access to our network of professors 
  • Public relations activities 





"Tailor-made partnership dedicated to knowledge co-generation alongside the prestigious international research network of Solvay" 

  • Applied research
  • Visibility through academic channels
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Guest lectures & roundtables
  • Executive inspiration
  • Curriculum development