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Past RSAEM organized by CEB   


Last update: 05/09/2017


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2016 - 2017 ____________________________________________________

"Controversy Without Conflict: The Prevention And Regulatory Functions Of Group Emotional Intelligence"

October 6, 2016, SMARANDA BOROS (Vlerick Business School, BE)

"Capturing The Elusive Convexity of The Relationship Between Acquirers Announcement Returns and The Cash Portion of M&A Payments"

Octobre 18, 2016, TARCISIO B. DA GRACA (Université du Québec en Outaouais, CA)

"Did Africa’s First Choices Matter? Growth Legacies of Leaders at Independence"

October 20, 2016, CHRISTIAN BJORNSKOV (Aarhus University, DK). Co-written with Christina Mangaard Jørgensen (Aarhus University, DK)

"Microcredit and financial distress: Evidence from Uganda"

October 27, 2016:  ISABEL GÜNTER (NADEL ETH Zurich, CH)

"Group Rationality"

November 3, 2016, PETRU L. CURSEU (Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Naoca, RO & Open University of the Netherlands, Heerlen, NL)

"Treatment-Effect Identification Without Parallel-Path. An illustration in the case of Objective 1-Hainaut/Belgium 1994-2006"

December 1, 2016, VINCENT VANDENBERGHE (IRES-UCL,  Economics  School  of  Louvain, BE)

"T.A.S.T.E - Testing Auditory Solutions towards the improvement of the Tasting Experience"


"Place of registration and turnout: the detrimental impact of transport cost on electoral participation"

 January 26, 2017, ABEL FRANCOIS (Lille 1 University, LEM, FR)

"Crowding Out in the Labour Market: Do Employers Lend a Hand?"

February 16, 2017, DIETER VERHAEST (KU Leuven and Ghent University, BE). Co-written with Elene Bogaert (Ghent University, BE), Jeroen Dereymaeker (KU Leuven, BE), Laura Mestdagh (KU Leuven, BE) and Stijn Baert (Ghent University, University of Antwerp, Université catholique de Louvain, BE and IZA, DE)

"Multiple Incentives for Innovation Contests"

February 23, 2017, JOHANN FÜLLER (University of Innsbruck, AT)

"New Zealander's Attitude Towards and Knowledge of Monetary Policy Issues"

March 9, 2017, BERND HAYO (Philipps-University Marburg, DE). Co-written with Florian Neumeier (Ifo Institute, University of Munich, DE)

"Age diversity and developmental motives in older workers: the role of occupational future time perspective"

March 23, 2017, DONATIENNE DESMETTE (Université catholique de Louvain, BE). Co-written with Hélène Henry (Université catholique de Louvain, BE)

"Getting grey hairs in the labour market. An alternative experiment on age discrimination"

April 20, 2017, STIJN BAERT (Ghent University, University of Antwerp, Université catholique de Louvain, BE and IZA, DE). Co-written with Jennifer Norga, Yannick Thuy, Marieke Van Hecke (Ghent University, BE)

"Affirmative action policies in job advertisements for leadership positions: How they affect women’s and men’s inclination to apply"

May 4, 2017, SABINE SCZESNY (University of Bern, CH). Co-written with Christa Nater (University of Bern, CH)

"The origins of common identity: Division, homogenization policies and identity formation in Alsace-Lorraine"

May 11, 2017, KAI GEHRING (University of Zurich, CH). Co-written with Sirus Dehdari (IIES, Stockholm University, SE)

"Banks' response to Negative Interest Rates: Evidence from the Swiss Exemption Threshold"

May 18, 2017, MIKE MARIATHASAN (BE, KUL). Co-written with Christoph Basten (CH, FINMA/ETH Zuerich)

"It’s not all Sunshine and Lollipops: Servant leadership and “Tough Love”"

June 1, 2017, ROBERT LIDEN (University of Illinois, US) and Jeroen Stouten (KU Leuven, BE). Co-written with Meng Zhong (University of Illinois, US)

2015 - 2016 ____________________________________________________


"Dividends and Taxes: New evidence on firm behaviour after a recent change in the Swiss Tax Law"

October 1, 2015, DUSAN ISAKOV (Université de Fribourg, CH). Co-written with Jean-Philippe Weisskopf (Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne, CH)

"In Services, Managers Are From Mars, Customers Are From Venus"

October 12, 2015, MOSHE DAVIDOW (The Carmel Academic Center, IL)

"What makes linkages “good” linkages? Firms, institutions and the domestic business climate in Vietnam"

October 29, 2015, MARCO SANFILIPPO (University of Antwerp, BE). Co-written with Chiara Franco (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan, IT) and Adnan Seric (Industrial Development Organization - UNIDO, AT)

"Power, leadership, and interpersonal sensitivity"

November 19, 2015, MARIANNE SCHMID MAST (University of Lausanne, CH)

"Political Dynasties, Electoral Institutions and Politicians’ Human Capital"

November 26, 2015,  BENNY GEYS (Norwegian Business School BI, NO and Vrije Universiteit Brussel, BE)

"Employers Opting Out of Public Disability Insurance: Selection or Incentive Effects?"

December 10, 2015,  WOLTER H.J. HASSINK (Utrecht University, NL and IZA, DE). Co-written with Pierre Koning (VU University Amsterdam, Tinbergen Institute, NL and IZA, DE) and Wim Zwinkels (Epsilon Research, NL)

"Towards an Economic Psychology of Greed"

January 7, 2016, MARCEL ZEELENBERG (Tilburg University, NL)

"The Effectiveness of Industrial Policy in Developing Countries. Causal Evidence from Ethiopian Manufacturing Firms"

February 11, 2016, JAMES ROCKEY (University of Leicester, UK). Co-written with Tewodros Makonnen Gebrewolde (University of Leicester, UK)

"Land rights, local financial development and industrial activity: evidence from Flandres (19th-early 20th century)"

February 25, 2016, KOEN SCHOORS (UGent, BE)

"Lobbying on Regulatory Enforcement Actions: Evidence from Banking"

March 10, 2016, THOMAS LAMBERT (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, NL)

"Fertility Timing and Education?"

March 17, 2016, SUNICICA VUJIC (University of Antwerp, BE). Co-written with Jonathan James (University of Bath, UK)

"When Draghi disagrees with the Dutch National Bank on interest rates models. Term structure modelling with and without negative short rates"

April 14, 2016, SAMUEL SENDER (Tilburg University, NL)

"NeuroPricing® - Measuring willingness-to-pay and modeling demand from EEG brain data"

April 28, 2016, KAI-MARKUS MUELLER (The Neuromarketing Labs, DE)

"Alternative Paths to the Development of the Corporate Form"

May 11, 2016, DAVID LE BRIS (Toulouse Business School, FR)

"How does the Eurozone crisis affect securities portfolios?"

May 12, 2016, ENRICO ONALI (Aston Business School, UK). Co-written with Thomas Kick (Deutsche Bundesbank), Benedikt Ruprecht (Deutsche Bundesbank), and Klaus Schaeck (Lancaster University Management School, UK)

"Business cycles, climate anomalies and regional height cycle in Japan, 1892-1937"

May 26, 2016,  THOMAS LAGOARDE-SEGOT (Kedge Business School, FR). Co-written with Jean-Pascal Bassino (ENS de Lyon, FR) and Ulrich Woitek (University of Zurich, CH)


2014 - 2015 ____________________________________________________

"Empires Diverging? An Exploratory Spatial Analysis of Habsburg and German Regional GDP, 1870-1910"

September 18, 2014, MAX-STEPHAN SCHULZE (UK, London School of Economics). Co-written with Paul Caruana-Galizia (UK, London School of Economics).

"Optimal Long-Term Allocation for a Defined-Contributions Pension Fund"

October 2, 2014, MICHAEL ROCKINGER (CH, Swiss Finance Institute and University of Lausanne). Co-written with Eric Jondeau (CH, Swiss Finance Institute and University of Lausanne).

"Trust Us to Repay: Social Trust, Long-Term Interest Rates and Sovereign Credit Ratings"

October 16, 2014, CHRISTIAN BJØRNSKOV (DK, University of Aarhus). Co-written with Andreas Bergh (DK, The Research Institute for Industrial Economics and Lund University).

"How long shall we talk? How much shall we interact? The impact of boardroom communication patterns on board functioning"

November 6, 2014, AMEDEO PUGLIESE (AU, School of Accountancy, Queensland University of Technology). Co-written with Gavin Nicholson and Pieter-Jan Bezemer (AU, School of Accountancy, Queensland University of Technology).

"The Economic Impact of a Banking Oligopoly: Britain at the turn of the 20th century"

December 4, 2014, FABIO BRAGGION (NL, Tilburg University). Co-written with Narly Dwarkasing (DE,University of Bonn) and Lyndon Moore (AU, University of Melbourne).

"Experiential learning and innovation in offshore outsourcing transitions: implications for theory and practice"

January 8, 2015, CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS (FR, NEOMA Business School).

"Innovating in All the Wrong Places: The Effects of Indirect and Complementary Capabilities in Maintaining Dynamic Capabilities"

January 29, 2015, CHRISTIAN STADLER (UK, Warwick Business School).

"Arbitraging the Basel Securitization Framework: Evidence from German ABS Investment"

February 5, 2015, MATTHIAS EFING (CH, University of Geneva and Swiss Finance Institute).

"Aid and Growth Evidence from Firm-level Data"

March 5, 2015, LISA CHAUVET (FR, IRD, LEDa, DIAL UMR 225, Banque de France, PSL, Université Paris-Dauphine, FERDI). Co-written with Hélène Ehrhart (FR, Banque de France).

"Extremal Quantile Regressions for Selection Models and the Black-White Wage Gap"

March 17, 2015, XAVIER D'HAULTFOEUILLE (FR, CREST-ENSAE). Co-written with Arnaud Maurel (US, Duke University, NBER and IZA) and Yichong Zhang (US, Duke University).

"Are Bankers Worth Their Pay? Evidence from a Talent Measure"

March 19, 2015, CLAIRE CELERIER (CH, University of Zurich). Co-written with Boris Vallée (US, Harvard Business School).

"Managing Channel Complexity"

April 2, 2015, SERTAN KABADAYI (US, Fordham University).

"Timing and duration of inflation targeting regimes"

April 23, 2015, PETER CLAEYS (BE, Vrije Universiteit Brussel).

"The state of research on Servant leadership"

May 18, 2015, ROBERT C. LIDEN (US, University of Illinois).

"Why Does Consumer Acculturation Cause Trouble?"

May 21, 2015, MARIUS LÜDICKE (UK, Cass Business School).

"Entrepreneurial and SME Marketing"

June 29, 2015, AUDREY GILMORE (UK, University of Ulster).


2013 - 2014 ____________________________________________________

"Large shareholders and corporate risk-taking: Evidence from French family firms"

October 17, 2013, SABRI BOUBAKER (FR, Champagne School of Management - IRG, Université de Paris Est). Co-written with Pascal Nguyen and Wael Rouatbi. 

"Thin Capitalization Rules and Multinational Firm Capital Structure"

November 7, 2013, GAËTAN NICODEME (BE, European Commission, ULB, CESifo and CEPR). Co-written with Jennifer Blouin, Harry Huizinga and Luc Laeven.

"From Riches to Rags, and Back? Institutional Change, Financial Development and Economic Growth in Argentina since 1890"

November 14, 2013, NAURO F. CAMPOS (UK, Brunel University). Co-written with M. Karanasos and B. Tan.

"The Bridging Role of Expatriates and Inpatriates In Knowledge Transfer In Multinational Corporations"

November 21, 2013, SEBASTIAN REICHE (ES, IESE Business School). Co-written with Anne-Wil Harzing and Markus Pudelko.

"Does Manager Experience Count in the Alternative UCITS Universe?"

December 5, 2013, NILS TUCHSCHMID (CH, Haute Ecole de Gestion). Co-written with Benoît Dewaele, Iliya Markov and Hugues Pirotte.

"Does Money Buy Credit? Firm-Level Evidence on Bribery and Bank Debt"

December 19, 2013, LAURENT WEILL (FR, Universite de Strasbourg - IEP-LARGE). Co-written with Zuzana Fungacova and Anna Kochanova.

"Beyond expatriation: a review of research into alternative forms of international experience"

January 9, 2014, CHRIS BREWSTER (UK, Henley Business School - University of Reading).

"Federal Reserve Communications and Newswire Coverage"

January 23, 2014,   MATTHIAS NEUENKIRCH (DE, University of Trier).

"Shadowy Banks and the Interbank Amplifier During the Great Depression"

February 6, 2014, KRIS MITCHENER (UK, University of Warwick and NBER). Co-written with Gary Richardson.

"Why do MNE Subsidiaries Outsource R&D in Countries with Weaker National IPR Regimes? The role of local institutions"

February 20, 2014, GRAZIA SANTANGELO (IT, University of Catania). Co-written with Klaus Meyer and Bjoern Jindra. Seminar co-organized with iCite.

"Banking and Trading"

February 27, 2014, LEV RATNOVSKI (IMF Research Department). Co-written with Arnoud W.A. Boo.

"Public Attitudes Toward Fiscal Consolidation: Evidence from a Representative German Household Survey"

March 6, 2014, BERND HAYO (DE, Philipps-University Marburg). Co-written with Florian Neumeier.

"Skill Choice and Skill Complementarity in Eighteenth Century England"

April 3, 2014, KARINE VAN DER BEEK (IL, Ben-Gurion University).

"Governance Choice in Global Sourcing of Services: The Impact on Service Quality and Cost Saving Performance"

April 24, 2014, STEFANO ELIA (IT, MIP Politecnico di Milano).

"The Impact of Solicitation on Sovereign Credit Ratings"

May 8, 2014, ALEXANDRE GIRARD (BE, Center for research in finance and management, University of Namur). Co-written with Oscar Bernal and Jean-Yves Gnabo.

"The Accident Externality from Driving: Evidence from Shabbat Exit and Entry"

May 22, 2014, ITY SHURTZ (IL, Hebrew University of Jerusalem).


2012 - 2013 ____________________________________________________

"Deforestation and the fight against corruption: Evidence from randomized public fiscal audits in the Brazilian Amazon"

October 4, 2012, KRISZTINA KIS-KATOS (DE, University of Freiburg). Co-written with Elias Cisneros and Jorge Hargrave.        

"Contemporary Varieties of Ethical Leadership in Organizations"

October 18, 2012, MONTGOMERY VAN WART (USA, California State University San Bernardino and BE, KU Leuven).  

"An Ethnograph among Street Level Bureaucrats and New Public Management"

November 8, 2012, JEAN-MARC WELLER (FR, Ecole nationale des Ponts et Chaussées).  

"Like Father like Sons? The Cost of Sovereign Defaults In Reduced Credit to the Private Sector"

November 22, 2012, RUI PEDRO ESTEVES (UK, University of Oxford). Co-written with João Tovar Jalles.     

"The Remuneration Gap between the CEO and the Profit Center Headsand"

December 6, 2012, LUC RENNEBOOG (NL, Tilburg University). Co-written with Eric Engesaeth.   

"Consume Now or Later? Time Inconsistency, Collective Choice and Revealed Preference"

December 20, 2012, BRAM DE ROCK (BE, ECARES and ECORE, Université libre de Bruxelles). Co-written with Abi Adams, Laurens Cherchye and Ewout Verriest.

"Decentralized enforcement of national legislation: Political influence on environmental fi nes in Swedish municipalities"

January 15, 2013, ERIC SJÖBERG (SE, Stockholm University).

"A Fresh Look at Industrialization in the BRICS"

January 17, 2013, WIM NAUDÉ (NL, Maastricht University). Co-written with Adam Szirmai and Alejandro Lavopa.

Presentation based on two papers
    I. "Absorptive Capacity and Innovation: When is the Right Time to Cooperate?"
    II. "The Role of Absorptive Capacity in R&D Cooperation: an Agent-based Model"

January 31, 2013, IVAN SAVIN (DE, Friedrich Schiller University of Jena). Co-written with Abiodun Egbetokun.

"On the pro-trade effects of immigrants"

February 14, 2013, MASSIMILIANO BRATTI (IT, University of Milan). Co-written with L. De Benedictis, G. Santoni.

"Interest Rates, ECB Communication and Inflation Expectations"

February 26, 2013, JAN-EGBERT STURM (CH, ETH Zürich). Co-written with M. J. Lamla.

"Corruption and the Efficiency of Capital Investment in Developing Countries"

February 28, 2013, CONOR M. O'TOOLE (IE, Economic and Social Research Institute). Co-written with Finn Tarp.

"Asset Prices and Corporate Behavior with Socially Responsible Investors"

March 14, 2013, SEBASTIEN POUGET (FR, Université Toulouse 1 Capitole). Co-written with Christian Gollier.

"Returns to Office in a Proportional System"

March 28, 2013, PANU POUTVAARA (DE, University of Munich). Co-written with Kaisa Kotakorpi and Marko Terviö.

"The Institutional Paradigm at Work in 14th-17th C.: The Basis of Economic  Prosperity In Ragusa/Dubrovnik"

April 10, 2013, OLEH HAVRYLYSHYN (CA, University of Toronto). Co-written with Nora Srzentic.

"The effect of weather-induced internal migration on local labor markets. Evidence from Uganda"

April 18, 2013, MARIE-ANNE VALFORT (FR, Paris School of Economics - Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne University). Co-written with Eric Strobl.

"Decoupling the use and meaning of strategic plans in public healthcare"

May 2, 2013, FRANCESCO LONGO (IT, Bocconi University). Co-written with Lega Federico and Rotolo Andrea.

"Ethnic Diversity and Firm’s Exporting Behavior"

May 16, 2013, DARIO POZZOLI (DK, Aarhus University). Co-written with P. Parrotta, M. Pytlikova and D. Sala.

"Institutional Complexity in a Transition Field: Responsible Investment in the European Asset Management Industry"

May 30, 2013, DIANE-LAURE ARJALIÈS (FR, HEC Paris). Co-written with D. Laurel and M. Giorgino.

"The Emergence and Political and Economic Consequences of Mass Movements in the Middle East"

June 13, 2013, STEPHEN KOSACK (US, Harvard Kennedy School).

2011 - 2012 ___________________________________________________

"Time-varying risk premium in large cross-sectional equity datasets"

October 5, 2011, OLIVIER SCAILLET (CH, GFRI Universite de Geneve and Swiss Finance Institute). Co-written with Patrick Gagliardinia and Elisa Ossolab.

"Computable General Equilibrium and Multicriteria Decision Making Models: an Alternative Approach"

October 13, 2011, MANUEL ALEJANDRO CARDENETE (ES, Universidad Pablo de Olavide de Sevilla - Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) – European Commission). Co-written with Francisco J. Andre.   

"Democratization under the threat of revolution: Evidence from the Great Reform Act of 1832"

November 3, 2011, RAPHAEL FRANCK (IL, Bar Ilan University). Co-written with Toke S. Aidt.    

"Does AIDS Treatment Stimulate Negative Behavioral Response? A Field Experiment in South Africa"

November 7, 2011, PLAMEN NIKOLOV (US, Harvard University).

"Le nouveau management public vu d'en bas: objectifs théoriques et réalités pratiques. Etude de cas dans des hôpitaux français"

November 17, 2011, NICOLAS BELORGEY (FR, Centre Maurice-Halbwachs CNRS-EHESS-ENS).

"Behaviour and Investment Actions within Fund Managers and their Markets - Developing and analysing a grounded theory of fund management"

 December 1, 2011, JOHN HOLLAND (UK, University of Glasgow).

"Foreign Currency Loans - Demand or Supply Driven?"

December 6, 2011, MARTIN BROWN (CH, Swiss Institute of Banking and Finance - University of St.Gallen). Co-written with Karolin Kirschenmann and Steven Ongena. This seminar was organised jointly with the APEC research group of the VUB.

"Responsabilité et contrôle dans la haute fonction publique"

December 15, 2011, VÉRONIQUE CHANUT (FR, Université de Paris II Panthéon-Assas). Presentation based on two papers:
I. La créativité dans l'évaluation du potentiel des dirigeants en univers bureaucratique : le cas des membres du corps préfectoral en France. Co-written with Frank Bournois.   
II. Réinventer l’évaluation. Les nouvelles règles du jeu RH dans une administration publique. Co-written with Jacques Rojot.

"Choosing procedures for collective decision making"

January 12, 2012, HANS PETER GRÜNER (DE, University of Mannheim).

"Stock Returns, Governments and Market Efficiency - France, 1871-2008"

January 26, 2012, DAVID LE BRIS (FR, BEM Bordeaux Management School).

"Mechanism Design and Intentions"

February 9, 2012, FÉLIX BIERBRAUER (DE, University of Cologne). Co-written with Nick Netzer.

"Depression Econometrics: A FAVAR Model of Monetary Policy During the Great Depression"

February 23, 2012, ALBRECHT RITSCHL (UK, LSE). Co-written with Pooyan Amir-Ahmadi.

"Global Co-Evolution of Firm Boundaries: Process Commoditization, Capabilities Development, and Path Dependencies"

March 8, 2012, SILVIA MASSINI (UK, University of Manchester).

"Crafting the integrative value proposition for large scale transport infrastructure hubs: a stakeholder management approach"

March 15, 2012, MICHAEL DOOMS (BE, Vrije Universiteit Brussel).

"Do Children Lead to Less Spousal Love?"

March 22, 2012, SHOSHANA GROSSBARD (US, San Diego State University, University of Zaragoza and IZA).

"Returns and Fundamentals in International Art Markets"

April 19, 2012, CHRISTOPHE SPAENJERS (FR, HEC Paris).

"Academic Dynasties: Decentralization and Familism in the Italian Academia"

April 26, 2012, RUBEN DURANTE (FR, Sciences Po). Co-written with Roberto Perotti and Giovanna Labartino.

"Risk and Discrimination"

May 10, 2012, JOSH EDERINGTON (US, University of Kentucky). Co-written with Jenny Minier and C. Jill Stowe. 


2010 - 2011 ___________________________________________________

"The Emergence of Social Structure: Employer Information Networks in an Experimental Labor Market"

October 7, 2010, ARTHUR SCHRAM (NL, University of Amsterdam). Co-written with Klarita Gërxhani and Jordi Brandts

"Concentration risk in mortgages portfolios: the role of geographic factors and loans characteristics in a multifactor framework"

October 14, 2010, JOËL PETEY (FR, Université de Strasbourg). Co-written with Michel Dietsch and Adeline Vandaele.

"Contrôle, financement et croissance des petites et moyennes entreprises"

October 14, 2010, ANAÏS HAMELIN (FR, University of Strasbourg) - séminaire public réalisé dans le cadre d'une convention de cotutelle avec l'Université de Strasbourg.

"How does political instability affect economic growth?"

October 28, 2010, FRANCISCO JOSÉ VEIGA (PT, Universidade do Minho). Co-written with Ari Aisen.

"Veblen Effect and Downward Price Rigidity in Housing Markets"

November 4, 2010, AVICHAI SNIR (DE, Humboldt University zu Berlin). Co-written with Daniel Levy.

"The right look: Conservative politicians look better and their voters reward it"

November 18, 2010, HENRIK JORDAHL (SE, Research Institute of Industrial Economics). Co-written with Niclas Bergren and Panu Poutvaara.

"The role of emotional climates of joy and fear in team creativity and innovation"

December 2, 2010, VÉRONIQUE TRAN (FR, ESCP Europe).

"On the Evaluation of Economic Research: the Case of Italy"

December 16, 2010, MARCELLA CORSI (BE, DULBEA - ULB and IT, Sapienza University of Rome). Co-written with Giulia Zacchia.

"‘UK Public Services. Local Governance, Collaboration and Partnerships. Continuity or Change?"

January 20, 2011, JOYCE LIDDLE (UK, Nottingham Business School, University of Nottingham Trent).

"No country for old men: aging dictators and economic growth"

January 27, 2011, RICHARD JONG-A-PIN (NL, University of Groningen).

"How the Government Affects Tax Compliance: Survey Evidence from Germany"

February 10, 2011, LARS FELD (DE, Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, Walter-Eucken-Institut and ZEW Mannheim). Co-written with Claus Larsen.

"Banking Market Structure, Institutions, and SMEs’ Access to Finance in Transition Economies: The Case of Ukraine"

March 10, 2011, MUZAFFAR AHUNOV (BE, Vrije Universiteit Brussel). Co-written with Leo Van Hove and Marc Jegers.

"External knowledge access versus internal knowledge protection: A necessary trade-off?"

March 24, 2011, MICHAEL MOL (UK, The University of Warwick, Warwick Business School). Co-written with L. Felipe Monteiro and Julian Birkinshaw.

"Foreignness as Bane or Boon: Bridging the Stakeholder Evaluation Gap through International Diversification"

April 7, 2011, DONAL CRILLY (UK, London Business School).

"Financial Sector Taxation"

April 28, 2011, GAËTAN NICODÈME (BE, ULB - SBS EM, European Commission).

"Business Schools and Sustainability: Escaping the Psychic Prison"

May 5, 2011, KEN PEATTIE (UK, Cardiff University).

"The false promises of lean production: deconstructing an ideological paradigm"

May 19, 2011, TOMMASO PARDI (FR, the Gerpisa – ENS Cachan).

"Reversed Gender Gap in Ethnic Discrimination: Employer Priors against Men and Women with Arabic Names"

May 26, 2011, MAHMOOD ARAI (SE, Stockholm University). Co-written with Moa Bursell and Lena Nekby.

"Microcredit and Women’s Empowerment: Understanding Paradoxical Outcomes Through the Lens of Time Use Data"

June 23, 2011, SUPRIYA GARIKIPATI (UK, University of Liverpool).


2009 - 2010 ___________________________________________________

"Detecting spurious jumps in high frequency data"

October 1, 2009, OLIVIER SCAILLET (CH, HEC Université de Geneve and Swiss Finance Institute).

"The Distributional Impact of Dams: Evidence from Cropland Productivity in Africa"

October 15, 2009, ERIC STROBL (FR, Ecole Polytechnique, Département d'Économie).

"Between bureaucracy and the people: a political history of informality"

October 29, 2009, KEITH HART (ZA, University of Kwazulu-Natal).

"The Stupendous Modernity of the First Government Loan for Institutionals in 1555"

"L’extraordinaire modernité du premier emprunt pour institutionnels en 1555"

November 12, 2009, GEORGES GALLAIS-HAMONNO (FR, Université d'ORLEANS).

"EU agencies: what is common and what is distinctive compared with national-level public agencies"

November 19, 2009, EDOARDO ONGARO (IT, Bocconi University).
Co-written with Dario Barbieri.

"Towing the Party Line on Your Home Turf? On Partisan Effects on Economic Freedom across Canadian Provinces"

November 26, 2009, CHRISTIAN BJøRNSKOV (DK, University of Aarhus).

"The Demographics of Expropriation Risk"

December 17, 2009, PHILIPP HARMS (DE, RWTH Aachen University, Study Center Gerzensee).

"Offshoring, Firm Perfomance and Plant-level Employment - Identifying Productivity and Downsizing Effects"

January 21, 2010, CHRISTOPH MOSER (CH, ETH Zürich).

"The Rationale of Private Bank Note Issuance in an Emerging Market: Evidence from nineteenth century Sweden"

February 4, 2010, ANDERS ÖGREN (SE, EHFF – Stockholm School of Economics and EconomiX – Université de Paris Ouest La Défense Nanterre).

The End of Gatekeeping: Underwriters and the quality of sovereign bond markets, 1815-2007

February 18, 2010, MARC FLANDREAU (CH, The Graduate Institute and CEPR).

"Perspectives and a Quantitative Model for Structured Microfinance"

February 25, 2010, GREGOR DORFLEITNER (DE, Université de Regensburg, visiting research fellow at CERMi). Co-written with C. Priberny.

"FOMC Communication, US Financial Markets, and Federal Funds Target Rate Changes"

March 4, 2010, BERND HAYO (DE, Philipps-University Marburg).
Presentation based on two papers
I. Does FOMC Communication Help Predicting Federal Funds Target Rate Changes?
II. Communicating with Many Tongues: FOMC Speeches and U.S. Financial Market Reaction

"Efficiency Wages and Bargaining"

March 18, 2010, FRANK WALSH (IE, University College Dublin).

"Inflation hedging portfolios in different regimes"

March 19, 2010, MARIE BRIERE (FR, CEB - SBS-EM - ULB and CAAM).

"Monetary Policy Committees and Transparency"

April 1, 2010, UMMAD MAZHAR (FR, Université Lyon 2 - BE, research fellow at CEB).

"Exploring diversity in the offshoring literature: notorious threats and undetected opportunities"

April 22, 2010, SÉBASTIEN POINT (FR, EM Strasbourg Business School).

"Decentralization of the Size and Scope of Local Governments and Corruption"

May 12, 2010, RAJEEV K. GOEL (USA, Illinois State University). Co-written with Michael A. Nelson

"Deposit Insurance without Commitment: Wall St. vs. Main St."

June 3, 2010, HUBERT KEMPF (FR, Banque de France and Paris School of Economics). Co-written with Russell Cooper.

"The Macro-Stability of Swiss WIR-Bank Spending: Balance versus Velocity Effects"

June 18, 2010, JAMES STODDER (USA, Lally School of Management & Technology at Hartford).


2008 - 2009 ________________________________________________

"Why did Countries Adopt the Gold Standard? Lessons from Japan"

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2007 - 2008 ________________________________________________

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"La Nécessité de Corriger les Rentabilités des Hedge Funds"

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2006 - 2007 ________________________________________________

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2005 - 2006 ________________________________________________

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"Scientific Marketing Courses"

April 21, 2006, Doctoral specialised Courses CHRISTIAN BLUEMELHUBER (BE, SBS).

"Scientific Marketing Courses"

April 27, 2006, Doctoral specialised Courses CHRISTIAN BLUEMELHUBER (BE, SBS).

"Scientific Marketing Courses"

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2004 - 2005 ________________________________________________

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2003 - 2004 _________________________________________________

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"Origin of different accounting frameworks: historical background. The Belgian accounting framework: strengths and weaknesses"


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"Market efficiency and speculative bubbles. Accounting information, valuation and market efficiency"


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"New accounting framework for financial institutions: IAS39, FAS 133"


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2002 - 2003 ________________________________________________

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November 28, 2002, ROLAND GILLET (FR, Université Paris I - Panthéon-Sorbonne).

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2001 - 2002 _________________________________________________

"The Economics of Counterfeiting"

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"Krach, bonnes nouvelles & réactions à Bruxelles, Toronto et New-York"

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