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Welcome to these research pages!

As you will discover, research at the SBS-EM is very diverse. SBS-EM faculty members combine research that pushes the frontier of our understanding of important economic and management questions with hands-on research that strive to improve business and public practices.

There is one common denominator, however: Excellence.

Our faculty include one winner of the Francqui prize (“the Belgian Nobel Prize”), one Yrjö Jahnsson medal winner, two fellows from the Econometric Society, three past holders of the Francqui chair, one honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, among others. Our faculty members have also won numerous competitive grants including four grants from the European Research Council.

Beside these prestigious academic awards, the expertise of our faculty members is also recognized in practice as evidenced by the many expert positions that our faculty members hold, including with the Conseil Supérieur de la Statistique, the Commission de l’Indice, Infrabel and the Belgian Corporate Governance Committee, in Belgium, and with the OECD, the European Commission, the European Economic and Social Committee, and OXERA in Europe. Our faculty members are also regularly called to consult with different companies and public administrations.

Research is important, not only be it deepens our understanding of economic and management phenomena and improves practice, but also because it feeds back to our classrooms as our faculty members distill important new findings and methods into their teaching.

In addition, the SBS-EM offers two Ph.D. programmes in Economics and Management with distinct tracks in Economics and in Management that provide doctoral students with the latest tools to be able to contribute to the research frontier in their fields of specialization.  

Georg Kirchsteiger
Vice-Dean of Research