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Centre Emile Bernheim


Monday, March 31,2014
Sandra Rothenberger (Department of Strategy, Corporate Governance and Marketing) gave seminars:
"Efficiency through Transparency – The Impact of Price Transparency on Behavioral Intention" at the Center on Consumers and Marketing Strategy (CCMS)/ Research Seminar Series. This seminar took place in Louvain-la-Neuve on March 21, 2014.

"Power Pricing – How to optimize your Margin?" at VOKA – Limburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This seminar took place in Hasselt on March 28, 2014.


Friday, March 28, 2014
New Publication - Department of Microfinance
WP-CEB: N°14-007 Garikipati S., I. Agier, I. Guérin and A. Szafarz, The Cost of Empowerment: Multiple Sources of Women’s Debt in Rural India


Wednesday, March 26, 2014
New publication - Department of International Trade and Development
Pierre-Guillaume Méon and Geoffrey Minne, "Mark my words: Information and the fear of declaring an exchange rate regime", Journal of Development Economics, 107, 244–261, 2014.


Monday, March 10, 2014
i2Metrix introduced and implemented for the first time in Vietnam
Vuong Quan Hoang, Researcher of Centre Emile Bernheim, and Nancy K. Napier, Director of Centre for Creativity and Innovation (Boise State University) have since 2011 worked on a long-term project to develop a measurement program to investigate and support innovative capacity in the Vietnamese corporate sector.
In February 2014, together with colleagues at Hanoi-based DHVP Research and Saigon-based Centre for Business Studies and Assistance (BSA), the two scientists have successfully designed a set of innovative measurements applicable to the corporate sector, called i2Metrix (read "i-squared metrics") the name that was given by Dr. Dolly Samson of Bangkok-based Stamford International University, an adviser to "i2Metrix" project.
The implementation followed with a survey on 19 most productive enterprises in the BSA's Leading Businesses Club, leading to early results that were released in a i2Metrix 2014 Preliminary Report, which have been covered in mass media in Vietnam after two seminars in Ho Chi Minh City on Feb 25, 2014 and Long Xuyen City (An Giang Province) on Mar 6, 2014. 17 firms actively engaged in innovation practices and management have been given awards by Vietnam's Minister of Science and Technology following the first time application of i2Metrix.

It is expected that more firms will be using the i2Metrix plan to self-investigate their capabilities and seek methods of improve their innovation management practices amid rising wave of competition in the years to come.


Friday, March 7, 2014
Andrea Garnero, Stephan Kampelmann and François Rycx (Department of Human Resources, Organisation and Labor Economics) present important research findings in La Tribune.
Their article entitled "Quel est l’impact économique de la diversité dans les entreprises ?" can be read here:


Tuesday, February 4, 2014
President of CEB Kim Oosterlinck participated in the talk show "Cinquante degrés Nord" devoted to the role of money and broadcasted on January 31st by Arte Belgique.
You can watch the show here:


Monday, February 3, 2014
The Centre for European Research in Microfinance (CERMi) congratulates Carolina Laureti for being granted the 2014 ULB Research Fellowship for Visiting Students (Exchange Programme) at the University of California at Berkeley. The Fellowship is offered to outstanding PhD students with the aim of promoting fruitful research collaborations between ULB and UC Berkeley. Carolina Laureti is doing a joint PhD at UMONS & ULB with a CERMi-UMONS-ARC fellowship. She is supervised by Profs. Marc Labie (UMONS) and Ariane Szafarz (ULB). Her mentor in Berkeley is Prof. Alain de Janvry, a world-renowned specialist in economic development and, more specifically, in microfinance.


Friday, January 31, 2014
New Working Paper - Department of International Trade and Development
WP-CEB: N°14-004 Sabates-Wheeler R. and P. Verwimp, Extortion with Protection: Understanding the effect of rebel taxation on civilian welfare in Burundi


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