Philip Vergauwen

Dean of the Solvay Brussels School

Welcome to the Solvay Brussels School !


As Dean of the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, I am proud to present to you an ambitious school in full transition. As the world around us changes and our society has to address new challenges, we want to continue our story of success by adhering to our values of rigorous scientific analysis, entrepreneurship and personal leadership in the service of creating value for our society. This society is increasingly international, cosmopolitan and global. At the heart of our university, the ULB, we therefore continue to embrace open opportunities for all, diversity, dialogue and critical thinking.

The School is more than its staff and its professors: it also the student community that co-creates the Solvay story. Our students, alumni and our Solvay network of leaders in economics and business all drive our ambitions, innovations and transitions.

Our well known research centres, backbones of the higher education we offer, our more than 140 international partner institutions on 5 continents and in more than 40 countries, our engagement with other leading universities through the QTEM network continue to create value for all our stakeholders. That is the Solvay Brussels School, that is who and what we are.


Our ambitions

Based in Brussels, the Belgian and European capital, we aspire to challenge forward-thinking visionaries from around the world to become the responsible corporate and institutional leaders that can anticipate the future economical, social and technological challenges by focusing on transformational quantitative methods, pioneering research and multidisciplinary scientific approaches.


Our drivers, our aspiration

We cultivate an inclusively diverse learning hub for both young and experienced critical thinkers at the beating heart of European corporate and institutional life. We facilitate a multidisciplinary academic environment where students, participants, alumni and School members share critical and intellectual debate, innovative research, the latest scientific insights and action-based learning, connecting the co-creative leaders of tomorrow with the entrepreneurial spirit of global business executives and policy makers.


Free Inquiry

Free inquiry, the deliberate conviction to think and do research independently from authority, belief, opinions or judgment, is deeply rooted in the scientific and humanistic culture of our international university and School. There is no question that does not deserve an answer, and there will never be an answer that does not deserve questioning.

Leveraging the world-class multi-disciplinary research activities of our university, the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), we commit ourselves to stimulating independent and critical thinking as key success factors for future leaders in business and society at large.

We believe that our open-minded, research-based training along with lifelong, action-based learning are the cornerstones of our unique Solvay Schools Alumni network connecting 23.000+ freethinking leaders, holding key positions in global corporations and institutions in over more than 85 countries.


Leadership by excellence

Excellence is the core of everything we undertake. Excellence is not limited to our world-class economic research that pushes the frontiers of our understanding of the most pressing economic and management questions, nor does it stop with the impressive list of peer-reviewed articles that our academic staff publishes on a regular basis in reputable international scientific and management journals.

With a focus on quantitative and scientific approaches, all our academic degrees, Executive Education, Corporate Training programmes meet the highest international standards, excelling in a unique blend of classroom teaching, expert research tutoring, action-based learning and flawless operations.

The education excellence of our faculty members can best be illustrated by the continuous fine-tuning of the multi-disciplinary course portfolio to provide students with the latest research-based insights to anticipate the business and societal impact of disruptive technological innovations, explosive big data analytics and artificial intelligence being just the latest practical examples. But it does not end there. For us, excellence is only accomplished when corporate and institutional leaders are able to understand the complementarity between management theory and philosophy so they can make the right choices in this complex world.


Responsible Citizenship

We are committed to nurturing our participants’ and students’ critical engagement to advance economic understanding and responsible corporate management that contributes to a more efficient and sustainable world.

Our student and participants perform best-in-class evidence-based research on the role of the corporate and institutional world in a disruptive economical and societal context.

We believe that open-minded, multi-disciplinary trained business leaders play an integral part in addressing the biggest challenges that will alter the future of generations to come: globalization, global warming, migration, rising inequality and growing pressure on the democratic institutions.

The Solvay Schools Alumni network is rapidly internationalizing into a global network of socially responsible business leaders who consider open participation as an integral part of society.


Co-creative entrepreneurship

Our School, participants, students and alumni are engaged, passionate and ambitious about one thing: they want to stimulate an innovative entrepreneurial spirit through action-based learning and constantly questioning how things are done.

To make this happen, our meticulously selected faculty members are influential experts who combine the best of economic and managements sciences with entrepreneurial real-world problem-solving expertise.

Our close collaboration with the business world and our active alumni-student interaction ensures an early-stage access to first-hand insights on how global corporations and institutions respond to global megatrends as part of their long-term strategy. We are not only teaching our students how to build evidence-based stakeholders engagement, but we are playing a key role in building responsible leaders for the future.