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Department of Strategy, Governance, Marketing and Innovation

Last update: 05/02/2016


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Direction Board:

Sandra Rothenberger
Kevin Jackson
Paul Verdin

Members :

Georges Ataya (Visiting Researcher)
Jean-Pierre Bayens (Professor)
Philippe Biltiau (Professor)
Christian Bluemelhuber (Visiting Professor)
Ant Bozkaya (Senior Researcher)
Florence Duvivier (Senior Researcher)
Emilie Esterzon (Assistant)
Vincent Giolito (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Nicolas Janssen (Researcher)
Azèle Mathieu (Senior Researcher)
Carmela Milano (Assistant)
Suzana Panova Nikiforova (Researcher)
Carine Peeters (Professor)
Pilar Rojas (Senior Researcher)
Astrid Romain (Senior Researcher)
Kyoko Sakuma (Senior Researcher)
Pierre-Nicolas Schwab (Senior Researcher)
Venkat Subramanian (Visiting Professor)
Lars Sudmann (Visiting Researcher)
Koen Tackx (Visiting Professor)
Florian Taube (Professor)
Chris Vandervinne (Assistant and Researcher)
Karin Zindler (Senior Researcher)