31 Mar - 18:30

Executive Education Information Evening

Solvay Brussels School - Economics & Management - Event

Solvay is pleased to organise the next Executive Education Information Evening on Tuesday March 31st and invite you to join high calibre professionals seeking to give their careers the decisive boost. This is a prime opportunity for you to get inside information about our extensive range of executive education programmes and understand how they can help you achieve your professional objectives. 

To register to sessions about programmes you are interested in, please follow the links provided below:


About Solvay Executive Education

From high-potential younger professionals without prior management experience to more experienced managers and senior executives, our comprehensive range of Executive Education programmes is designed to let you acquire the capabilities you need at this moment in your career, both academic and deeply connected to actual practice in each discipline.

Our mission is to help you be outstanding at pursuing yours.

Solvay is widely recognised in Europe as a top player in research and education in economics and management. Solvay is the School of Economics and Management of Université libre de Bruxelles.

We've prepared the map below to help you access parking facilities nearby Solvay: