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Word of the Dean 

Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, located in the cosmopolitan heart of Belgium and Europe, is an international school, from its conception. Our international reach and recognition is tightly linked with our international stakeholders´ network, whose members we consider to be real partners in co-creation. We can only offer outstanding and internationally accredited research and education programs because of and for them. Internationalization is at the core of the vision and mission our School and of the  University we belong to, the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

As a School and University we are engaged to create societal value and to contribute to global prosperity. Prosperity for all: solidarity, equity and liberty in an open, global and diverse society. These are our values, and we cannot achieve our mission without a clear vision on internationalization.

International stakeholders relates to the country of origin of our students, administrative staff and professors. Our objective is to increase the internationalisation rate of these stakeholders, which is already relatively high when compared to global standards. More than 20% of our students are from abroad, but this ration is much higher for the MBAs, the Ph.D. programs and the Master in Microfinance, where at least 60% of the students originate from abroad. 35% of the faculty  and 50% of our administrative staff are from abroad as well. Having international and multicultural stakeholders is a necessary condition for an institution that aims at international quality standards.

International recognition consists in securing quality standard accreditations (EQUIS and AMBA have been granted for many years, and the School is the process of AACSB accreditation). As an active Dean in these international networks, I see on a daily basis that internationalization is a necessary condition for quality maintenance and improvement.

International reach is our most intense goal in terms of strategic international positioning and operations. All our Master of Science students in Business and Management must have an international exchange experience of at least one semester. This is why we sent about 350 students abroad each year and welcome nearly 250, from all over the world. The SBS-EM has more than 130 partners across the globe, of which more than 60% are accredited EQUIS and/or AACSB, and nearly 50% of the seats are based in non-European countries. Nowadays, students can even spend one year abroad, either through the QTEM network –created by the School- or through our Double Degree Diplomas. The international exchange possibilities can be summarized as follows:

  • more than 130 partners, worldwide, of which 48% outside Europe, 65% accredited EQUIS and/or AACSB
  • two double degrees with Politecnico di Milano and LUISS Guido Carli
  • QTEM network certificate, which consist in two exchanges or one exchange and one long term internship

Our International Relations Office is particularly efficient in welcoming hundreds of students each year and sending abroad our students. tamara [dot] schuller [at] ulb [dot] ac [dot] be (Tamara Schuller) heads the Office and is in charge of our outgoing students for international exchange and for the double degrees, as well as of our intensive tailor-made seminars. anne [dot] georges [at] ulb [dot] ac [dot] be (Anne Georges) welcomes all our incoming students, for regular exchanges and double degrees.

Welcome again, enjoy your learning experience with us and allow us to learn from your experience ! Connect, share, exchange and co-create with us and our world !

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Prof. Philip Vergauwen