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Structure of the new building Solvay Brussels School's new headquarters from atop Architect's projection

The Big Move

In September 2010, the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management moved into its brand new headquarters. A much anticipated event, many years in the making…

The new home of the SBS-EM is standing tall on one of the most prestigious avenues of Brussels. It will, from now on, act as a daring symbol of the school’s prestige and its ambitions for the future. The brief was simple: high-tech equipment, bold design and open to the outside world. The result? 10.000 m² and 5 storeys of interacting spaces, a state-of-the-art architecture finally giving the school the bite to match its bark.

16 new auditoria and a 250-seat amphitheatre

Adjacent to the ULB*grounds, the new building will offer a wide range of technical and high-tech equipment:

  • one 250-seat amphitheatre

  • 16 auditoria with 120, 80, 60 or 40 seats

  • one large atrium

  • 30 working and communication rooms for the SBS community

  • offices and meeting rooms for professors, researchers and administrative staff

With these new facilities, the school almost doubles its working space. And, if the teaching and administrative bodies are going to be a bit more comfortable, it is the students who are the main beneficiaries of this enlargement with 16 brand-new auditoria equipped with all the latest technologies. The atrium will work as the focal point of all these communicating spaces and become the heart of the SBS-EM community.

Architect's sketch Aerial picture of Solvay Brussels School

A modern and centralised new symbol

In 2009, the school, then in the process of renewing its EQUIS accreditation, realised the need for a better streamlined physical and geographical entity. Spread across several historical buildings, the teaching facility and administrative sections were struggling to communicate.

The number of modern class-rooms was also identified as a point of improvement. Active at an international level, the school assessed its weakness against competitors. And while tuition and professors could withstand comparison with the strongest competition, the equipment could not. Old buildings are charming but they are not easy to maintain…

The works

Initially planned for inauguration in December 2009, the project, financed by the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management with the help of several private donators and the ULB (who also donated a central piece of land on campus), experienced some delays due to a legal appeal made by local residents.

Architect's projection

The new building was inaugurated in september 2010 in the presence of governmental and academic authorities. The innovative design was found through a worldwide competition organised by the school. The internationally-renowned architectural group Art&Build was awarded the large-scale project.

The architect’s goal was to create a design that would reflect the school’s values and academic excellence. Many concerns, such as light distribution and integration with the local eco-system, had to be merged into an efficient and almost intuitive space... Technology and ecology in the service of man.


Generous private donators, corporate sponsors, they were many who believed in the school and this project. Thank you to all of them! If you would like to be a part of this adventure, to associate your name or the name of your company to this new temple of business and economy, several opportunities of sponsoring still exist. Just pick up your phone and call us.

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*U.LB. is the French University of Brussels. The new building is just a few steps from the historical grounds of the SBS-EM and 15 minutes from Brussels city center.