UK Nobel economics laureate Christopher Pissarides to give guest lecture at SBS-EM in May

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In complement to his keynote speech given at the 2nd Solvay Schools Alumni Congress (15th of October 2012 - Save The Date!), the Anglo-Cypriot Christopher Pissarides, who is a professor at the London School of Economics, will give a guest lecture exploring the theme of work flexibility for the benefits of Solvay Schools students (ULB & VUB). This 6-hour guest lecture will take place on the 2nd and 3rd of May 2012.

In 2010 Christopher A. Pissarides was awarded the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, jointly with  Peter A. Diamond and Dale T. Mortensen for "their analysis of markets with search frictions".

"It's a great honor for Solvay Brussels School to welcome M. Pissarides for this special lecture" reacted Dean Bruno van Pottelsberghe. "Giving our students access to the world's leading minds in Economics and Management is an integral part of the School's mission and this latest guest lecture organised thanks to our Alumni association sets yet another landmark in the School's history."

"This lecture will echo M. Pissarides' keynote speech that he will give in October at our second Congress of the Solvay Schools where we will welcome several other internationally renowned speakers" added Gilles Samyn, President of Solvay Schools Alumni.

The lecture by Professor Pissarides is entitled: "Labour markets: search, matching, and flexibility". "The course will begin with a description of the core theory of labour markets based on the search and matching approach, with emphasis on the issue of flexibility" explains M.Pissarides. "Flexibility is defined as the ability of the firm to hire and fire workers without delay, and the ability of the worker to move easily between jobs. Following this, the functioning of some key European labour markets will be examined in detail both in the period of calm before the financial crisis and in the financial crisis, and relate this to their institutional structure. There are some important differences across Europe and also important differences between the main European markets and the United States. The most interesting cases that yield lessons for flexibility are the US, Germany and Spain. But more markets will be discussed to draw lessons about the impact of labour market flexibility on the labour market’s reaction to recession."

Practical info:

Wednesday 2nd of May 2012 from 4pm to7pm

Thursday 3rd of May 2012 from 9am to 12 am

Room: Dupréel

The lecture will be part of the BA2 class "Introduction à la gestion et aux organsisations". Registration is mandatory for BA 3 students who would like to join the class. To register, go to:

For more information on the guest lecture, please contact: kim [dot] grandjean [at] ulb [dot] ac [dot] be (Kim Grandjean)

For more information on the Solvay Schools Alumni 2nd Congress, please contact: michael [at] solvayschoolsalumni [dot] net (Michael van Zeebroeck)