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Estelle Cantillon

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ULB zipcode : 114/04
Avenue F.D. Roosevelt 50
1050 Brussels

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Candidate in Physics (ULB, 1994), M.Sc. Business Engineer (ULB 1994), M.Phil. Economics (Cambridge, 1995), Ph.D. Economics (Harvard, 2000)

Short bio

Estelle Cantillon is a FNRS research associate at the Solvay Brussels School where she teaches environmental economics in the MA programmes and advises doctoral students in market design, industrial organisation, and environmental economics.  Her research lies at the boundary between market design and industrial organization. She has published on auctions, procurement and competition in the financial industry. Her current research spans school choice, competition in the financial industry and environmental market design.

Estelle is an elected member of the Council of the European Economic Association, a member of the executive committee of the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics, an Associate Editor at the Rand Journal of Economics, a member of the Economics Council of OXERA, a consultancy, and a member of the steering committee of Re-Bel (Rethinking Belgium). She has recently launched a European-wide research network, "Matching in Practice", whose goal is to foster developments at the interface between theory, empirics, experiments and policy on admission procedures in education as well as entry-labor markets. 

Estelle holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University and has held prior appointments at Yale University and Harvard Business School before joining the faculty at the Solvay Brussels School in 2004. In 2008, she received one of the coveted starting grants from the European Research Council.       

Selected works

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  • Blundell, R., Cantillon, E., Chizzolini, B., Ivaldi, M., Leininger, W., Marimon, R., Matyas, L., & Steen, F. (2017). Economics without Borders: Economic Research for European Policy Challenges. Cambridge University Press.

  • Barcellan, R., Boegh Nielsen, P., Calsamiglia, C., Camerer, C., Cantillon, E., et al. (2017, March). Developments in Data for Economic Research. In R. Blundell, E. Cantillon, B. Chizzolini, M. Ivaldi, W. Leininger, R. Marimon, L. Matyas, & F. Steen (Eds.), Economics without Borders: Economic Research for European Policy Challenges. Cambridge University Press. doi:

  • Cantillon, E., & Slechten, A. (2015). Information Aggregation in the European Carbon Market.

  • Cantillon, E., & Yin, P.-L. (2015). Competition between Exchanges: Lessons from the Battle of the Bund.

  • Cantillon, E. (2015). Auctions for the Support of Renewables: When and How? (European Commission, DG COMP No KD-01-15-367-EN-N).

  • Cantillon, E. (2014). What support mechanism is needed for flexible capacity in Belgium? In A. Estache (Ed.), The Next Generation of Economic Issues in Energy Policy in Europe. London: CEPR.

  • Maystadt, P., Cantillon, E., Denayer, L., Pestieau, P., Van der Linden, B., & Cattelain, M. (2013). Le modèle social belge: quel avenir?: Actes du 20ème congrès des économistes de langue française. Charleroi: Presses Interuniversitaires de Charleroi.

  • Cantillon, E. (2013). Mixité sociale: le rôle des inscriptions scolaires. In P. Maystadt, E. Cantillon, L. Denayer, P. Pestieau, B. Van der Linden, & M. Cattelain (Eds.), Le modèle social belge: quel avenir? (pp. 847-864). Charleroi: PIC.

  • Budish, E., & Cantillon, E. (2012). The Multi-unit Assignment Problem: Theory and Evidence from Course Allocation at Harvard. The American economic review, 102(5), 2237-71.

  • Cantillon, E., & Yin, P.-L. (2011). Competition between Exchanges: A research Agenda. International journal of industrial organization, 29, 329-336.

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