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Alassane Ballé Ndiaye

Part-time Faculty

Contact address :

ULB zipcode : 165/7
50, Avenue F. D. Roosevelt
1050 Brussels
alassane [dot] ndiaye [at] ulb [dot] ac [dot] be

Short bio

Prof. Dr. Alassane B. NDIAYE is a Civil Engineer (Ponts et Chaussées/Transport Infrastructures), Master of Business Administration, Master of Transport Sciences and Doctor of Applied Sciences.

Educated in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Strategies at Stanford University and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), he is a Professor of Transport Systems & Logistics, Chair holder at the Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB, Brussels, Belgium).

He is the founder and Director of Qalinca Labs, a major Logistics & Transport Systems R&D laboratory in Brussels.

He was, (2002-2012), Associate Professor and Lead Research Engineer at the University of Liege (Belgium) where he led the Transport Systems Group, a unit of the Naval Architecture & Transport Systems Department.

Prof. Ndiaye was in 2010-2011 a Visiting Scientist at the University of California at Berkeley (USA).

His expertise is built around 3 dimensions [R&D; Education & Training; and Field Implementation] and on the 4 key pillars of transport and mobility systems (policy and strategy; economics; innovative logistics solutions and intelligent operations; evaluation, impacts assessment and performance analysis). Indeed, a high-level expertise across the entire spectrum of transport, mobility & logistics systems, and edge knowledge of the emerging issues and future challenges in that arena.

Among his achievements is a strong track record of 300+ large industrial, institutional, R&D and development cooperation projects delivered on the five continents (initiation, coordination, implementation, management, follow up); and a dozen+ of education, training, capacity building and excellence centers in transport & logistics in Indonesia, Tunisia, Ecuador, Senegal, Vietnam, South Africa, Brazil, Cambodia, etc.

Former Expert Counsellor to the Cabinet of the Vice-President and Minister of Transport and Energy (2001-2004), he was (2004-2013) the Executive Director of the Belgian Interuniversity Center for Mobility, Transport & Logistics, a platform founded by 8 Belgian universities aiming at enhancing the cross sectional and interdisciplinary approach to transport systems (both in education, R&D and development cooperation).

Prof. Ndiaye has mentored 150+ PhD and Master Theses worldwide and is a guest Professor of Transport Systems, Logistics and Supply Chain Management in 10+ universities in North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, South America and South East Asia.

He is the Chairman of the World Conference Series on Supply Chain Management and regularly invited keynote speakers in world congresses and conferences held on the five continents.

He is a certified Performance Management Professional, co-owner of a patented methodology for integrated strategic decision making and founding member of two R&D spin off companies active worldwide in the field of naval design, transport, logistics and supply chain management.

Prof. Ndiaye was appointed by the Belgian Federal Minister of Transport as a member of the Management Board of the Belgian Federal College of Transport Operators (road, air, maritime, rail, inland navigation).

He is a member of prestigious international scientific & professional organizations among which the Transportation Research Board of the National Research Council (USA), the Institute of Transportation Engineers (USA), the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Evaluation Society.

Prof. Ndiaye was appointed by the European Commission as a Member of the Horizon 2020 High Level Advisory Group for Smart, Integrated and Green Transport and equally Member of the Horizon 2020 High Level Advisory Group for International Cooperation.

He is an Expert Adviser of many national and international organizations and governmental institutions such as the DG Research of the EC, the Joint Research Center of the EU, the Norwegian Research Council, the EU Urban Joint Programming Initiative, The Netherlands Research Council, etc.

Dr. Ndiaye’s expertise skills are particularly oriented towards the innovative ways of integrating ideas from latest research with best practices for the identification, implementation and replication of value creative knowledge solutions; those enablers capable of driving transport/mobility systems and supply chains to a high level of excellence.

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