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School History

1903 Ernest Solvay proposes the creation of a Business School to ULB
1904 Launch of the "Commercial Engineer" programme, in 3 years
1905 Programme reform, a preparation year is added (50% sciences, 20% general culture, the remaining 30% is a mix between management and mathematics)
1931 Creation of the first Alumni Association (UIC : Union des Ingénieurs Commerciaux - [The Commercial Engineers' Union]
1941 The ULB is closed by the Occupation Authorities. Clandestine classes are set up.
1946 Creation of the SOCO Faculty
1951 Creation of the Centre Emile Bernheim (CEB)
1965 Programme reform, a fifth year is added
1973 Creation of the first Executive Education programme (CEPAC)
1980 Creation of the Postgraduate Management Programme (PGMP)
1981 Creation of the first programme in public management: the Master in Public Management
1985 A group of Solvay students creates the famous Restos du Coeur, charity feeding and helping people in need. The idea, supported by politicians, journalists and the retail industry will then spread in France thanks to a famous stand-up comedian named Coluche.
1986 Creation of the first Entrepreneurship Programme
1988 Creation of the Bachelor degree in Tax Management
1990 Creation of the International Exchange Programme (IEP)
Creation of the Master of Business Administration (MBA)
1991 Creation of the Executive Master in Marketing and Advertising
1994 Creation of the first Master in Vietnam
1995 Creation of the Master in Management of Healthcare Institutions
1998 First meeting of the School’s Advisory Board
Creation of the Master in Integrated Company Management
1999 The alumni association is opened to all students of the School (not only the "Ingénieurs Commerciaux")
The IEP becomes mandatory for all students in the Commercial Engineer Programme
The first privately funded chair is celebrated: the Solvay SA Chair of Innovation
"Commercial Engineer" becomes " Business Engineer ", following a State decree
2000 Creation of the doctoral programme
2001 Launch of the first edition of the SBS magazine: “From Solvay Business School”
Creation of the Public Management Programme for civil servants (PUMP)
2002 The Advisory Board presents the Strategic Plan "Vision 2010"
Creation of the PT MBA
Creation of the Executive Programme in Real Estate Management
Creation of the Postgraduate Degree in ICT Audit & Security
Creation of the Doctoral School in Management of the SBS/ULB
Creation of the Start Academy: the objective being to stimulate students to create new companies
2003 Celebration of the centenary of the School
Launching of the fundraising "Be Part" campaign
Alliance between the Solvay ULB and Solvay VUB
Creation of the first in-company programme: Transconstellation Academy
Creation of the Executive Master in Finance
Creation of the BESMaC (Brussels European Sport Management Centre)
Creation of Artketing (Centre of Excellence in the Marketing of Art and Culture)
2004 Creation of the first executive education programme in leadership, in collaboration with the Kellog School of Management
The "Ecole de Commerce Solvay” officially becomes the “Solvay Business School”
Creation of an international research partnership in finance with “La Sorbonne” in Paris
The School’s Board approves the construction of a new building on the Solbosch Campus
AMBA accreditation granted for the FT and PT MBA programmes
Reform of the Business Engineer programme and launching of the first Bachelor of Science in Management
2005 Creation of an international Master of Science in Management with the VUB
EQUIS accreditation granted
2008 Merger with department of Economics at ULB: creation of SBS-EM
2009 EQUIS Reaccreditation
AMBA  Reaccreditation
Creation of the International Scientific Council

SBS-EM moves into brand new facilities at 42, Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 1050 Brussels. A new face for a new decade.

Solvay Vietnam celebrates its 15 year anniversary


Launch of the QTEM network at the initiative of SBS-EM,including 5 international founding partners
Launch of credited internships programme for master degree
Creation of the first double degree at the master level with Université de Strasbourg, Institut d’Etudes politiques (IEP)
Creation of the iCite Research Centre

2013 Creation of the BES Centre (Business Enterprises & Society)

Launch of the first Executive Summer School
Launch of a series of 5 specialized masters
Creation of a double degree at the master level with Beihang University (SEM) - China