In 1997, I graduated from the Solvay School of Economics and Management as a commercial engineer. From 1999 to 2002, I worked for the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Louis Michel. In 2002, I went to the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, where I obtained a Master in Public Administration in 2004.

Back in Belgium, I worked for the Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation. In 2008, I joined the European Union Special Representation in Kosovo, as an economist (2008 – 2010). I later held various positions within the SME unit of the cabinet of Minister Willy Borsus. Since 2014, I also teach at Solvay in the fields of sustainable development and social entrepreneurship (field projects).

Political career
I was first elected in 2000 at the provincial level, in Walloon Brabant. In 2012, I became leader of the MR group in the Provincial Council and chairman of the Education Committee. In 2018, I became, in my hometown, alderman for the environment, societal transition, mobility and public works. In September 2019, I became Member of Parliament (Walloon Parliament and Parliament of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation). I mainly work on the following issues:

– education and teaching
– environment and transition
– social entrepreneurship and innovation
– participatory democracy and collective intelligence


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