Philippe envisions, designs and builds thriving ecosystems between corporates, startups and investors, bringing in additional necessary enabling partners along the way (e.g. academia). In this context, he has an extensive proven track record as visionary and impact-oriented intra/entre-preneur, bringing innovative ideas into action as an energetic team builder and leader.

Throughout his different complementary chapters, Philippe has been increasingly striving to bring a sense of balance between business performance and societal responsibility with his core business partners (which includes collaborating with thought leaders in the space, as well as implementing best practices in his related activities). On the societal front more specifically, Philippe is also a.o. a Professor in Applied Marketing at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, a co-founder of Teach for Belgium and an active member of the Ben Gurion University’s International Board of Governors (co-leading the Belgian/ EU chapter).

Philippe holds a Master in Commercial Engineering from Solvay, and an MBA from INSEAD. He lives in-between Brussels and Tel Aviv with his wife and 3 children. He is a drummer and a long distance runner. He speaks French, English, Spanish, Dutch and conversational Hebrew.


  • Partner with McKinsey&Company  until 2006
  • Prolific tech solutions builder, starting as the ideator, designer and global leader of McKinsey Solutions. In 2016 he launched The Bridge to continue building such demand-led ecosystems in an open architecture way;
  • Active investor, primarily as Chief Investment Officer in a long standing Belgian Family Office (SPDG), where he restructured and further built their new direct tech investment arm, in close collaboration with several investment funds.
  • Co-founder of Teach for Belgium (and former member of the Board for 9 years)
  • Co-chair of the Brussels/ EU chapter of the Ben Gurion University of the Neguev (Israel)
  • Professor in Applied Marketing Analytics (Masters program) – GESTS440

-> An active bridge builder on the societal front. He is particularly active in connecting and supporting communities across cultures and socio-economic backgrounds, both in Belgium and in/ with Israel. In addition, he regularly helps entrepreneurs and related communities in leveraging his connections across the European and Israeli ecosystems. He does so in very pragmatic ways, spanning from setting the vision, to mobilizing stakeholders and to playing very active roles “in the trenches”, covering for instance:

  • His instrumental role in the Teach for Belgium initiative, aiming to address inequities in education ( from ideating the concept back in 2008-09 (at the time of his participation in a socio-economic think tank supported by the King Baudouin Foundation (“Cercle Economique”), and building on the emerging Teach for All initiative following examples in 3 countries), to co-leading its foundation in 2013 as the 29th country to join in, and to actively supporting it as core member of the Board for 9 years
  • His relentless efforts in supporting collaboration between communities of different backgrounds in Europe and Israel, such as actively supporting Beduin communities in the Neguev in their university programs with the BGU ( “sha’ar l’acadamia” or “gateway to academia” –
  • His organized support to a range of entrepreneurs and non-for-profit organizations in Belgium and Israel as part of his course in Applied Marketing Analytics at Solvay since almost 20 years, whereby he gets 8-10 teams of students to perform a 4 month study for such organizations every year (hence helping some 200 of them over the span of his teaching career till now).


-> He also speaks regularly at events/ workshops related to entrepreneurship, innovation and societal impact.