Sandra Rothenberger is Professor in Marketing, and chair of the “Strategy, Governance, Marketing and Innovation” research unit at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (ULB). Her research focuses on Strategic Marketing, Value Based Pricing and Sustainable Pricing, Consumer Behaviour and digital Inclusiveness. She has an international research network and teaching background with various European, American and Asian Universities and Business Schools. Her business and industry experience includes coaching of Start-Ups and consultancy of small and medium sized companies as well as supervisory board activities in European multinational corporations.


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  • Member of the ULB Supervisory board
  • Research ReUnite
  • Management Café
  • RSAEM (research seminars)
  • EFMD – IDEA project lead
  • The Neuromarketing Labs – scientific board member (Germany)
  • VHB – German Academic Association for Business Research (Germany)
  • WiGIM – Scientific Community for Innovative Marketing (Germany)
  • PPS – Professional Pricing Society (USA)
  • EPP – European Pricing Platform (Belgium)
  • TOOLS FOR LIFE Foundation – Executive board
  • Supervisory board member ships international small and medium sized companies
  • Board of Trustee International School of Brussels
  • GESTS489 – Advanced Marketing Management
  • GESTS403 – Advanced Marketing Management
  • GESTS440 – Applied Marketing Analytics
  • GESTS442 – Value Based Pricing
  • “Measuring the relative importance of service dimensions in the formation of price satisfaction and service satisfaction: A case study in the hotel industry” K Matzler, B Renzl, S Rothenberger Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism 6 (3), 179-196, 2006
  • “Understanding the role of complaint handling on consumer loyalty in service relationships” S Rothenberger, D Grewal, GR Iyer Journal of Relationship Marketing 7 (4), 359-376, 2008
  • “Is advertising for losers? An empirical study from a value creation and value capturing perspective” K Tackx, S Rothenberger, P Verdin European Management Journal 35 (3), 327-335, 2017