Stefan Dab is a Senior Partner and Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). He serves global leaders in the Payments, Financial Services and Technology sectors. Based in Brussels, he spends his professional time between Europe and the US.

For almost 25 years, Stefan has advised clients on strategy definition, large scale transformation and operating-model redesign. A substantial part of Stefan’s work covers data monetization, transformative analytics, and data led go-to-market strategies.

Stefan is the founder and Chair of BCG’s Payments and Transaction Banking practice. He built and scaled it globally; and multiplied the size of the firm’s payment and transaction business sixfold. Stefan was a member of the Global Leadership Team of BCG’s Financial Service Practice for six years.



Stefan has contributed significantly to the shaping of the financial service and telecom industries in Belgium, where he took part in the most significant mergers and corporate transformations of the last three decades. He has advised some of the largest and most successful global players, being instrumental to their growth.

  • Finance and strategy in the MA2 Business Engineering, in both the field project and the business strategy seminar

Stefan is a prolific writer of financial service articles. He is regularly interviewed by both international and local press: including global publications such as The Economist, the Banker, Reuters; and local publications like L’Echo, De Tijd; Le Soir, La Libre. Some of Stefan’s recent publications include :